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September 25, 2014



Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfather I & II (1972, 1974). So complex, so cruel, so beautiful, so violent, so frustrating, so everything.

I have a soft spot for illicit stuff, always had. I grew up with less than ideal surroundings and circumstances and luckily had music to keep me away from the worst, and maybe that’s why I’m drawn to that dark side, violent unfair world. But besides that I think Godfather is just ultimate in filmmaking. I just recently acquired the remastered Blu-ray edition and was reminded how awfully great movie it is. I think one of the reasons I like it is because bad guys can win. I always hate it when in movies bad guys lose in the end; I’m always for the criminal, not for the cops in movies. The movie is as complex as this world is.


From Frank Zappa to the Kalevala: a glimpse of Vladislav Delay's bookshelf

From Frank Zappa to the Kalevala: a glimpse of Vladislav Delay’s bookshelf




All the books I haven’t read yet.

This is a no-brainer. I’ve read a lot of amazing books in my life but I’m certain that I’m going to read even more great books in the future. It’s also hard to even begin to choose, it’s so varied stuff I read. Would I choose fiction? Biographies? Factual stuff? Maybe a map of Lapland? Books about politics, crime, illicit anything? Books about fishing? All the great books about food? There’s no way I could pick one up and not make myself feel like a fool.


Slettnes, Norway

Slettnes, Norway




Slettnes, Norway. While my heart generally belongs to northern remote parts of the world, this summer I found this unique place at the end of Northern Norway, Slettnes. I’m totally drawn to that landscape where nothing much grows anymore, it’s just rocks and sea. Whatever else is there it really is there for a reason and because of serious resistance and strength. There’s very little nonsense there, which I truly appreciate. I’m pretty sure my next studio will be located somewhere around there.


(Vladislav Delay)


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