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March 11, 2015

Henri-Georges Clouzot: Le salaire de la peur (The Wages of Fear). French-Italian thriller from 1953. It was accused of so called Anti-Americanism and many scenes were cut away from the American version. The film set-up is quite slow, compared to today’s standards. To make the story short: 2 trucks and 4 man driving through the hard jungle of North America, carrying extremely explosive nitroglycerin. What man can do for money and the fact that you can’t buy fate. Incredible frameworks and small details that stand out as non-aging masterpieces.

Alexander Rodchenko‘s photographical and graphical design works. Sometimes there is no need to watch a movie, just pictures. One of my favorite artists is from the Russian 1920’s constructivism era. In Rodchenko’s works I see a unique attention to rhythms, packed with different geometrical forms, odd frames and angles.

Alexander Rodchenko: Stairs (1930)

Alexander Rodchenko: Stairs (1930)

Stanisław Lem: Eden (1959). With some books I am suddenly not reading the story as a “side viewer” but more as an “insider”. This is one of them. All the characters in the story are not known by name, but as their role in the community. What really is beautiful in these so-called old school science fiction novels is how writers imagine the first contacts with alien race. Overall a very simple story but then we come to details, small details and imagination.

Noarootsi, Estonia (Photo: Joel Tammik)

Noarootsi, Estonia (Photo: Joel Tammik)

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I had my first proper long motorbike adventure trip in 2008: 12,000 km to Albania and back. I had the opportunity to see this country before the “Western invasion”. Albania was the adventure motorcyclist’s dream country with hundreds of kilometers gravel roads in the mountains and kilometers long beaches with zero people.

However, my absolute favorite place to be is in Noarootsi, Western Estonia. I have small house there, deep in the forest, without electricity, water… there I can be a part of the nature, with all the animals, bugs, birds, trees… In every minute the surroundings are reminding me: this is not your place, we were here first. It is not easy to survive in the middle of nowhere, but I spend most of my time there in the summer.

(Joel Tammik)


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