Watch/Read/Travel: Félicia Atkinson/Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier Indian Summer Picks

September 10, 2014

While spending the summer between the French Alps (where she lives now) and on tour in West Canada and the Pacific Northwest, this is what Félicia enjoyed reading, listening and watching the most.

Félicia in Portland

Félicia in Portland


The Killing: Loved that TV show! Watched all of it during the tour. It takes places in Seattle and we spent some time there, it was very strange to be in the same city where the crime fiction takes place.

The Leftovers: In the middle of it right now: Love it, so strange!

Olivier Assayas: Clouds Of Sils Maria. I always have mixed feelings with Assayas, but at the end I still like each of his films.

Terrence Malick: Badlands. Always loving it. Always inspired by it.

Olivier Assayas: Clouds Of Sils Maria

Olivier Assayas: Clouds Of Sils Maria


Jarett Kobek: BTW (2013)
This is a great contemporary novel by Jarett Kobek about a young Turkish-American guy who moves from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Very funny and contemporary. 

Joan Didion: Slouching toward Bethlehem (1968)
Collected essays by Joan Didion. I love her, she is so smart and witty. Especially the article when she went in the 60’s in San Francisco and how she interpreted the movements there.

Rebecca Solnit: A Field Guide To Getting Lost (2005)
A nice book to go to hike with. I bought it in Portland before going to camp at Cape Look Out, a beautiful peninsula in Oregon.

Frieze Magazine and The New Yorker are my train companions.

Felicia Atkinson: Music


I bought a lot of records at Mississippi Records and Little Axe Records in Portland, Oregon including these:

Music from Saharan Cellphones: Volume 2: Perfect to have energy in the morning.

Calypsos, Too Hot To Handle: Calypso music from Jamaica from the 60’s, perfect for drinking cocktails on a porch.

Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic. Reminds me of the tour with Sun Araw I just did in Canada, where we were listening to Dan and eating pretzels.

The future record by Chance Image of Leaving Records that I had the chance to listen to and I recommend it warmly!

A lot of Mississippi Records tapes from all over the world that I love to listen to in my studio.


(Félicia Atkinson / Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier)


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