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May 26, 2014


Akira Kurosawa: Rashōmon (1950)
‘Rashōmon’ is a film that easily makes it amongst my all time favourite film works. A devastatingly subtle piece about truth, the subjective perception and the influence of personal interests on the reproduction of reality. A stunning and unsettling study.

Akira Kurosawa: Rashomon


Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Die Physiker (1961)
This book actually is a play. It’s one of the few works I’ve read more than once. And with its timelessness it comes to my mind every now and again picturing the omnipresent conflict of beneficial and destructive effects of science and knowledge, their control, the seamless transition between force, conscience and madness – especially when all these conflicts converge. ‘Die Physiker’ is a grotesquely awesome critique and relentlessly illustrates the paradox and impasse.


Travelling is something really beautiful. And it’s not just about being somewhere else but also about the act of going there…

Christoph Berg - Travel

(Christoph Berg / Field Rotation)

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