Watch/Read/Travel: Chra

November 18, 2015

Entusiasm: Symphony of the Donbass (dir. Dziga Vertov, 1931). This movie and its industrial soundtrack changed my way of listening to music. Charlie Chaplin wrote a letter to Vertov, explaining that he was a huge fan and this was the most beautiful music he’d ever listened to. Also Shirley: Visions of Reality (dir. Gustav Deutsch, 2013). Based on the paintings of Edward Hopper, Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek realised a fantastic exhibition and a movie about the 50’s America. The soundtrack was written by my friend Christian Fennesz.

Orlando: A Biography (Virginia Woolf, 1928)I have been reading this book and watching the movie over and over. How Orlando travels time and switches gender… With my bandmates of SV Damenkraft, Vienna-based artist Gustav, and Tomka from Sissy Boyz we even realised a burlesque revue of it a couple of years ago. We called it ‘Orlanding The Dominant’.

I love the seaside. I love South America. I’ve been a couple of times in Mexico – the beach of Pie de la Cuesta is wide, beautiful and it’s very close to Acapulco… it even has a very serious history. We went there with public transport what makes it even more exciting. Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico… I also like to spend time during the day in the capital, Mexico City. The beach of Zipolite is more of a ‘flower peopl’ place – very calm and esoteric, but also nice. The coast of Uruguay especially La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio are also places I need to see once again in my life.




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