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November 26, 2014

American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999). Really was the first film to make me think about ‘perspective’. It’s a film wrapped in comedic undertones and is at times a little disturbing, but Kevin Spacey plays a sexually frustrated father going through a mid-life crisis. He becomes infatuated with his daughter’s best friend and begins to see his life around him as if he were a teen again himself. While some of the actual content of this film is a little uncomfortable to watch I absolutely love how Mendes doesn’t shy away from the benevolence of life at that desired age. The score by Thomas Newman perfectly reflects this, especially in the ‘dancing plastic bag’ scene.


Bournemouth's Colourful Beach Houses

Bournemouth’s Colourful Beach Houses


My favourite place on earth is Bournemouth. I grew up on this seaside town, but what I love most is the gardens that run from the town centre to the sea front. For a couple of miles you can follow the walk ways and bike trails all the way to the sea. I’ve spent many nights in my teen years cycling along these lit paths listening to my favourite tracks in my headphones. I knew that even at that age that these images would stick in my mind forever. I don’t live there anymore but it’s a place I’m always drawn to, and when visiting earlier on this year I had extreme nostalgia.

(Ben Woods)


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