VIDEO PREMIERE: Marconi Union – Sleeper

August 9, 2016

Marconi Union are back with their ninth studio album ‘Ghost Stations’, which will be released 12th August on London-based Just Music. The masterful trio consisting of Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley and Duncan Meadows are not afraid at all to push their limits once again, and nothing demonstrates this better than ‘Sleeper’, which is the ten minutes long opening piece of the new album. We are premiering it together with its video to prove it! 

‘Ghost Stations’ is the product of two years of experimenting, programming, editing, re-editing, which lead to a ghostly organic result. Its richness of ambience is slightly unsettling and surprisingly soothing at the same time, further developing Marconi Union’s signature style. They are like amoebas of electronic music: constantly altering their sound with combining ambience with soft beats, dub with gentle jazz – yet they are still recognizable. 

“People who have bought our previous records may think we’ve gone too far in this direction or that direction or that we don’t do enough of some particular aspect any more, but we’ve already done those things in our previous work and we have to keep pushing our boundaries otherwise what is the point? We want people to hear Ghost Stations and say “’What the f**k is that’ either in a good or bad way!” (Marconi Union)

Watch ‘Sleeper’ in full-length, we guarantee that you will be really excited to hear the rest of the album as well.

Pre-order ‘Ghost Stations’ HERE!


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