VIDEO PREMIERE: Birdpeople – Flesh & Bone (Daniel Araya Remix)

June 14, 2018

Birdpeople (Amanda Blomqvist, Cecilia Wickström and Jakob Lavonius) are not exactly newcomers to the Swedish music scene, however they just released their self-titled debut EP in May 2018. Daniel Araya, our favourite local acid techno producer remixed the track entitled ‘Flesh & Bone’ from the experimental pop band’s EP and we couldn’t resist not to share it with the accompanying video.


“This remix from Swedish synthesizer paragon Daniel Araya absolutely floored us when we first heard it; it’s a wonderful work of violent tongue-in-cheek deconstruction, a nihilistic dance floor destroyer that somehow catches the gist of the original song using only fragments of the vocal line.

The video came to be when we experimented with a power amplifier connected directly to the cathode ray tube of a black and white travel-TV. Some days later, a digitally broadcasted sermon on Swedish TV had a fortunate glitch; the video, just like the remix – and the entire EP for that matter – is a strange hybrid of digital and analogue malfunctioning in a musical manner.” (Birdpeople)











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