Sounds Of A Tired City #67: Oiseaux-Tempête

August 31, 2017

The French collective Oiseaux-Tempête‘s (Frédéric D. Oberland and Stéphane Pigneul) latest ambitious project ‘AL​-​’AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy​-​tale piece of land to make our dreams)‘ was partly recorded in Beirut with local musicians and artists like Mondkopf, Charbel Haber, Sharif Sehnaoui, G.W. Sok, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, intertwining a wide range of acoustic and electronic genres. In the footsteps of this epic collaborative record, they created a special mixtape entitled ‘Wa Habibi – Middle-East Sonic Love’, featuring some of the finest Middle-Eastern sounds and tracks from the artists they collaborated with on the new album. 

Oiseaux-Tempête (Photo: As Human Pattern)


1. Omar Khorsid & His Golden Guitar – ‘Hazihi Laylati’
from ‘Tribute to Oum Koulsoum By Omar Khorsid And His Magic Guitar’, Voix De L’Orient, 1975
2. Maurice Louca – ‘Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set)’
from ‘Salute The Parrot’, Nawa Recordings, 2014
3. Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra – ‘Feed The Hostage’
from ‘Johny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra’, Discrepant, 2015
4. Badria Anwar – ‘Lega Taresh Habibi’
from ‘Give Me Love – Songs Of the Brokenhearted – Baghdad, 1925-1929’, Honest Jon’s, 2008
5. Jerusalem In My Heart – ‘Yudaghdegh El-ra3ey Walal-Ghanam’
from ‘Mo7it AL-Mo7it’, Constellation, 2013
6. Alif – ‘Al-Juththa (The Corpse)’
from ‘Aynama-Rtama’, Nawa Recordings, 2015
7. Two Or The Dragon – ‘Excerpt Live at Metro Beirut’
from unreleased material, live at Metro Beirut, 2016
8. Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan – ‘Allı Turnam’
from ‘Kula Kulluk Yakişir Mi [Live]’, ECM, 2013
9. John Vartan – ‘Sarkis Bahr (Shalako)’
from ‘Salam Alay: The Sound Of Armenian Diaspora 1969-1979’, Worldwild Production, 2013
10. The Dwarfs Of East Agouza – ‘Clean Shahin’
from ‘Bes’, Nawa Recordings, 2016
11. The Bunny Tylers – ‘HELLOYOURGRACE (Electro Slow)’
from unreleased material, 2017
12. Sami Chawa – ‘Taxim Nahawand Wahda’
from ‘Open Strings: Early Virtuoso Recordings From The Middle East, And New Responses’, Honest Jon’s Records, 2009
13. Malayeen – ‘Najwa’
from ‘Malayeen’, Annihaya Records & Discrepant, 2014
14. Yasmine Hamdam – ‘Hal’
from ‘Only Lovers Left Alive (OST)’, ATP Recordings, 2014
15. Alan Bishop & A Trio – ‘Gently Johnny’
from ‘Burj Al Imam’, Annihaya Records, 2015
16. Oum Koulsoum – ‘Inta Omri’
from ‘Inta Omri’, Sono Cairo, 1964
17. Winter Family – ‘No World’
from ‘South From Here’, Ici d’Ailleurs / Alt.Vinyl, 2017
18. Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart – ‘Seif’
from ‘Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart’, Secretly Canadian, 2015
19. Oiseaux-Tempête – ‘I Don’t Know, What Or Why (Mish Aaref Eish w Leish)’
from AL-‘AN !, Sub Rosa, 2017
20. Karkhana – ‘Excerpt from Live at the Palace’
from unreleased material, live at the Palace, 2016
21. Rabih Beaini – ‘Ya Shater’
from ‘Albidaya’, Annihaya Records, 2013
22. Fairuz – ‘Wa Habibi’
from ‘Good Friday Eastern Sacred Songs’, Voix De L’Orient, 1967
23. Insanlar – ‘Kime Ne’
from ‘Kime Ne’, Aboov Plak, 2013


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