Sounds Of A Tired City #54: Arovane

July 19, 2016

Our next guest mix has been thoughtfully composed by none other than Uwe Zahn aka Arovane. The German virtuoso of ethereal melodies selected some delicate sounds that make up for a one hour journey through lush ambience. Atmospheric field recordings, soft piano pieces and even some gentle beats with (among others) Orla Wren, Marcus Fischer, Darren McClure, Porya Hatami and Arovane himself.

Arovane - Sounds Of A Tired City #54


Arovane – Piano Improvisation + Field Recording
Orla Wren – The Painting Tree
Marcus Fischer – The One Where the Bus Drives by at the End
Bernard Parmegiani – Fond de Bleu II
Darren McClure – Object Trio 1
De Leon – 01
Golden Rain – Balinese Gamelan Music – Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant (Excerpt)
Main – Ablation I
Miguel Isaza – Fugacidad
The Remote Viewer – Remote Views
Tatsuro Kojima – 0405
Zahn / Hatami / McClure – V-Modal
Hatami / Zahn – Vaun
Darren McClure – Yellow (36.233173, 137.963208)


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