Sounds Of A Tired City #49: holymachines

April 18, 2016

Let’s slide smoothly into this new week with a delicate mix by Berlin-based musician and sound artist holymachines (Chris Hill). What should you expect? How about Arve Henriksen, Fennesz, Karen Gwyer, John Cage, Autechre and Lorenzo Senni…? Say no more!

Sound Of A Tired City #49 - holymachines


1. Susan Balmar – Siel
2. Steve Lehmann Octet – Echoes
3. Unterpop – Angel Eyes
4. Arve Henriksen – Twin Lake
5. Fennesz – Happy Audio
6. Kagami Smile – Airport Daydream
7. YYU – Your Hands Moo3
8. Karen Gwyer – Shermer Shake
9. John Cage – In a Landscape
10. holymachines – YT (/f fluke)
11. Gobby – Tajeeloc
12. Bataille Solaire – Hyper Drive
13. Autechre – Bike
14. Lorenzo Senni – Elegant and never tiring
15. Chuck Person – Eccojam A1

If you feel like finding out a bit more about holymachines, we can warmly recommend his latest project, ‘Image Version’, which is an audio-visual collaboration with Aquiet (Sven Stratmann). Berlin-based label collective, Average Negative released a rather special USB Multimedia package in limited prints and digital formats on April 1st. Check out their Bandcamp page to experience an otherworldly sonic bomb.


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