Sounds Of A Tired City #47: Moon Wheel

February 16, 2016


Olle Holmberg aka Moon Wheel performed a mind-blowing liveset at NEUROMODULATION’s Écophagie event in Montréal, Canada (4 December 2015). Lucky you are, you can listen to the whole show on Sounds Of A Tired City and read a bit about Olle’s Canadian experiences.  

“i met jesse (osborne-lanthier) in berlin a couple of years ago when we played a show. since then him and his partner have moved here and we’ve become close friends. they wanted me to come visit them in montreal when they were back for a few months, so jesse organised a few shows for us. neuromodulation is a crew putting on shows and parties over there with a focus on techno and experimental electronic music. this affair in particular was an all night warehouse rave, hence my shameless body music. several of the local acts very generously played for free that night so that enough money could be scraped together to cover my flights. bless them! much love! i was hanging out there for two weeks getting to know all the wonderful weirdos over there. looking forwards to go back there in summer and have a chance to also get out of the city and see the woods.”


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