Sounds Of A Tired City #46: Sarah Davachi

December 23, 2015

Although it’s certainly guaranteed that nobody will ever use the words ‘festive’ or ‘tasteful’ to describe this mix, what Sarah Davachi presents here is in large part a collection of mostly popular songs that become ubiquitous in her brain once the nights start to recede into winter’s cold blanket, and in small part a group of mostly generic songs that have come for some reason or another to define this year in passing.

I spent most of the spring quietly worshiping Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren, and much of the summer traipsing around the beach with The Slider on repeat. The wintry contingent of my listening preferences falls around a series of strange pairings: Richard D. James and Phil Collins (vocals on what may as well be an undeclared Genesis album, Anthony Phillips’ The Geese & The Ghost), Kevin Ayers and Boards of Canada, Nico and Michael Stipe, Slowdive and Richard Wright. Leave it to Lilys to provide what is probably the saddest song of the mix – and perhaps the whole of the 1990s – and regrettably also the worst song title. It seems as though I don’t really listen to a lot of music from the 1980s once the frost hits, but that’s definitely not to suggest that the decade was cast aside all year; I very much look forward to digging back into Alan Parsons’Eye in the Sky and Peter Gabriel’s So once the birds return home.

(Sarah Davachi)

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