Sounds Of A Tired City #40: Room40

October 19, 2015

Room40 is an experimental music label based in Brisbane carefully curated by sound artist, composer and coffee aficionado Lawrence English.

Lawrence works in the field just as much as in the studio, recording what you might call ‘natural’ sound like the extraordinary, synthesiser-like vocalisations of Weddell seals in Antarctica or the sheer physicality of the wind in Patagonia. As director of Room40, Lawrence composes himself and curates the music of other sound artists and experimenters from across the globe who work in everything from esoteric pop to noise. In 2015, Room40 celebrates 15 years of activities with a series of curated evenings across the globe. We were lucky enough to be able to take part in these evenings during the Room 40 Openframe in Stockholm, a project humbly organised by John Chantler, who’s also one of the core members of the Room40 family. For this occasion we asked Lawrence to talk about the history of the label and also prepare a fantastic guest mix featuring only Room40 releases. What a lucky coincidence that this happens to be the 40th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City…

Read our interview HERE.

Sounds Of A Tired City #40: Room40


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