Sounds Of A Tired City #38: Stefan Jós

August 4, 2015

Stefan Jós is Devon Hansen, a musician and video artist born and raised in Southern California but currently based in Montreal. He began producing electronic music at the age of ten. He has released material as Lotide and under his own name, as well as produced several music videos for friends like Clay Wilson and some artists of Syles Upon Styles both in America and abroad.

Despite the number of projects he has at hand, all of Hansen’s work has in common a focus on texture and a knack for percussion, as well as the influence of world music, Japanese avant garde, and strange mid-century film soundtracks. Devon just released his first album ‘Primitives’ on flau/raum, which is a spacious and bugged-out sequel to his last EP ‘Things You Left Behind’. Careful restraint remains, but the sober crispiness is subsumed on ‘Primitives’ by loose and moody rhythms, wood and metal, weird noises in wet caves and other goodies for ground-dwellers and mole people alike. We are convinced that Devon needs to be more in the spotlight, so we spoke to him about his influences and his inspiring new project. He even prepared a banger guest mix to spice up your hot summer days! 

Read our interview HERE.

Stefan Jos - Sounds Of A Tired City #38


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