Sounds Of A Tired City #31: Black Swan

March 30, 2015

We have no idea who’s the person behind the Black Swan project (okay, that’s not entirely true anymore), but that’s maybe for the best. Since the beginning of this decade we get our yearly fair share of haunting drones from New York and we should not question their origins.

Each record has been thoroughly examined, secretly looking for a fatal fault. Something that could stop this madness of being so consumedly drawn to these dreamlike horror scenes. As a listener you play the main part in Black Swan’s epic imaginary soundtracks, which could be your first and last role ever as it could easily eat you alive. The drone king’s last album ‘Tone Poetry’ came out in January 2014, and it was our faithful companion throughout the whole year. It even turned out to be our #1 favourite album of last year. We’re still in the process of digesting it, however we’re very much looking forward to the next trip into the abysmal dismay. Which might or might not happen… Although he does not give too many interviews, let alone do special guest mixes, we got both of them. Loosen your seat belts for some drone poetry.

Read our interview HERE.


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