Sounds Of A Tired City #27: Steinbrüchel

February 18, 2015

Ralph Steinbrüchel is a German musician and graphic designer living in Zürich, Switzerland. His productions – be it music or graphic design – follow a distinctly sophisticated aesthetic.

Steinbrüchel’s musical work deals mainly with the texture and atmosphere of sound, and you could hear the results of his spacious arrangements on prominent labels like 12k, Room40 and LINE, just to name a few. Flowing calmly through the listener his music invokes a glowing space which invites the listener to travel within the sound. On the occasion of his recent release ‘Parallel Landscapes‘ on 12k, we would like to invite you to travel within our conversation with Ralph in which we go back to his roots, explore his inspirations and creative methods during the last 20 years.

Read our interview HERE.

Steinbruchel - Sounds Of A Tired City #27


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