Sounds Of A Tired City #23: EUS

January 5, 2015

There’s no better way to start this year than sharing a special guestmix with you coming all the way from Costa Rica, compiled and mixed by EUS. 

EUS is the solo project of Jose Acuña, which he started in 2008. In the first year he was focusing more on experimental, avant-garde inspired electronica, then with releasing his first offical album, ‘Última Inhalación’, he started to combine ambient with post-rock elements. EUS is constantly developing in style and technique, nowadays focusing more on his special Carribean ambient drone sounding. His latest full-length album ‘Sol Levit’ is highly recommended, although it was a limited hand-numbered edition of 25. However, you can always check it out and listen to it on Bandcamp.

Jose prepared a special compilation for the listeners of Sounds Of A Tired City, consisting of tracks from his favourite albums of 2014. Lawrence English, Erik K Skodvin, Richard Skelton, Jacaszek, Janek Schaefer, Deru, Kyoka… they all must sound already familiar to you if you’ve kept an open ear last year. 


Sounds Of A Tired City #23: EUS

(Click here to save the mix to your computer!)


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