Sounds Of A Tired City #19: Ben Lukas Boysen

October 13, 2014

Ben Lukas Boysen – you might know him as Hecq, but preferably both – has been busy for more than 10 years with redefining the possibilities within ethereal soundscapes and brisk breaks with genuine love towards music. Whether he is working on his own albums or developing ideas for commercial projects, Ben always tries to find an efficient and direct way to leave a strong emotional impact using his distinctive style. Instead of settling with convenient and mediocre solutions, he always tries to make every single production special. He moved away from music and sound as a product and perceived every project as a customizable and individual challenge. His latest album, ‘Conversions’ came out on Ad Noiseam earlier this year, and definitely can be considered as yet another individual challenge.

We talked to Ben about the special concept of this remix album, the difference between Hecq and Ben Lukas Boysen, and the enormous amount of patience one needs to have when working with commercials. You can also read about his dream collaborations and at last but not least you can listen to an extremely special mix featuring bits and pieces by Windy & Carl, Svarte Greiner, Demdike Stare, Morton Feldman, Lustmord, Deathprod & Biosphere and many more.

Read our interview HERE.

Sounds Of A Tired City #19: Ben Lukas Boysen


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