Sounds Of A Tired City #18: n5MD

October 6, 2014

n5MD is an independent record label based in Oakland, California. The label is run by Mike Cadoo and primarily releases electronic music which focuses more on melody and emotion. Nowadays n5MD also releases music in compatible genres such as shoegaze, post-rock, IDM and electro-acoustic, often involving vocals as well. We’ve asked Mike to participate in our label Q&A session, since besides curating and supporting quality music, he produces music himself (Bitcrush, Dryft, Gridlock, Under)… and let’s admit there are not too many labels around who first started to release music on MiniDiscs. Mike explained the story of this extinct format, the emotional vision behind his record label and he also delighted us with a mix composed exclusively of pieces released on n5MD.

Read our interview HERE.

Sounds Of A Tired City #18: n5MD


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