Sounds Of A Tired City #14: Preservation

August 8, 2014

For many of us, Australia might seem to be extremely far off, exotic and almost unreachable. Obviously, it has a great deal of specialities to offer, nature and adventure at its best – plus they have Andrew Khedoori as well. Andrew is the founder of Preservation, a record label based in Sydney since 2001, releasing suave melodies from all around the world. While making the whole planet a timeless, little cozy place, where distances don’t really matter anymore, he took his time to talk to Sounds Of A Tired City about the importance of design, their vision and concept. Andrew also prepared an exceptional mix, which consists of 90 minutes of lush bliss coming from artists featured on Preservation’s limited edition Circa series – Dusted Lux, Matthew Barlow, Olan Mill, Seaworthy, Panabrite, Mirror To Mirror and much more. Warmly welcome!

Read our interview with Andrew Khedoori HERE.

Preservation: Circa Now


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