PREMIERE: Outblinker – Walter Peck

April 26, 2016

You must be familiar with that feeling when your favourite musician/artist is physically not able to produce enough tracks to keep you satisfied but you cannot help yourself to want more and more, as soon as possible. We found ourselves in this situation after Blanck Mass’ last album ‘Dumb Flesh’, and nothing could fill the void until we discovered the Glasgow-based Outblinker

According to Outblinker (Jason and Graham Costello, Luigi Pasquini, Chris Cusack and David Ian Warner), they “play music and aim to improve your life thusly”. Apparently, their existence is closely related to Walter Peck’s existence, hence the title of their new EP ‘The Remains of Walter Peck’. We are about to premiere the track called ‘Walter Peck’ (surprise, surprise) off this new EP, which was recorded and co-written with Benjamin John Power (Blanck Mass / Fuck Buttons). The EP will be released on 6th May via Stabbed In The Back Records.

The product of a musical pilgrimage to record in a medieval church on a remote island in Orkney, these three songs are a precursor to Outblinker’s debut album (due October 2016) and a tribute to the transitory, fleeting nature of everything we seek to build and accomplish. All the beauty, all the greed, all the pride and all the fucking politics. Given long enough, none of it will last. And thank fuck for that.

When the lights across the planet finally go out for the last time and all the MP3s evaporate in microscopic puffs of electrons and all the CD’s lie scattered across the land like the scales of some huge, extinct fish: what then for all these idiotic fucking pop songs? And what then for the Bach and Simone, Mercury and Mingus?

Nothing. That’s what. Sweet anonymity. Sheer oblivion. (A Badge Of Friendship)


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