ALBUM PREMIERE: Liminal/Aires – Liminal/Aires

July 30, 2016

Even though it’s Saturday, we have something special to introduce you to: the perfect soundtrack for your weekend thanks to Prague-based tape label and music community Genot Centre. Their next release is a limited split cassette by Liminal and Aires, simply entitled Liminal/Aires. The official date is 1st of August, but you can stream the whole album here ahead its release. What should you expect? Ephemeral, soothing ambient drone with a melancholic virtuosity and constant darkness lurking around the corner.

“Hailing from Lisboa and Madeira respectively, Portuguese sound artists Liminal and Aires present appropriately oceanic sounds on this release.

Liminal opens the release with 3 rich tracks, forged from atmospheric recordings, resonant objects and grainy, coarse sound textures. Through techniques and timbres reminiscent of electro-acoustics and noise, restrained, looming pieces result.

On his side, Aires presents slowly shifting tones and shimmering, evolving organ frequencies, suggesting landscapes, vast spaces and meteorological phenomena. Close listening reminds of Richard Chartier’s auditive interpretations of colorfield painting and brings the convoluted, immersive sound of Stephan Mathieu to mind.” (Genot Centre)

The cover was created by young Czech artists Štěpán Brož & Zdeněk Růžička and handprinted by KudlaWerkstatt.


Liminal Bandcamp

Aires Bandcamp

Liminal / Aires on Bandcamp

Liminal: Dormant (Video)

Aires: Drone, Tempestade (Video)


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