PREMIERE: Stream ‘Byn’ from Gidge’s Upcoming Album ‘Lulin’

March 4, 2016

Have you ever wondered what does Swedish nature sound like? Really high up north in the subarctic climate, where winters seem to be everlasting and cruel… where the landscape is quiet and peaceful, where every lonely tree and little hole has a story to tell, where every sound is living its own life. Sounds are present even in the least expected places, either you want them or not. It’s up to you to use their mysterious power and turn them into something otherworldly. Just like the Swedish duo Gidge did it with their second album entitled ‘Lulin’. Below you can exclusively stream a fragment of ‘Byn’, a haunting yet soothing track off the LP. 

Gidge - Lulin
Ludvig Stolterman and Jonathan Nilsson aka Gidge return with their second LP, which consists of two epic 20+ minute compositions, ‘Hon’ and ‘Byn’. It’s not the first time they found inspiration in the picturesque surroundings of their hometown, near the forests of Umeå. However, ‘Lulin’ is not just a record: it’s a collaboration between Gidge, the Lampray film production company and NORR arts platform. They wanted to break the traditional pattern of creating a music video for the pieces, therefore they treated the visuals as individual entity, which are separated from the music, yet strongly connected.

“If you see or hear something that is unexplainable, and you have no one there to share it with – what do you do?” This was the original idea behind this project, which started six years ago when Ludvig heard some rather strange noises while he lived alone in an old cabin on his mother’s farm. He was scared but since he was alone, he had to deal with it. This lead to the birth of a mystical being called Lulin, a 24-minute film and 42 minutes of audio. Full of faintly secret vocals, smooth piano movements, ritualistic tenderness and ethereal beats (more ethereal than beats!), this album is your free ticket to an exceptional place, which otherwise you would never be able to visit. Because it does not really exist. 

‘Lulin’ is out March 18 through Atomnation in digital and 12″ formats. The film will be available to stream and download online.


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