Damaskin: Ode to Eliane Radigue

Really not much is known about Damaskin, the mysterious Belgium-based techno producer who's also known as Seraphim Rytm. He's extremely skilled in the world of harsh industrial techno, but he's not a stranger when it comes to creating ambient-leaning sounds either. He's been doing numerous self-releases but he's recently appeared on labels like Silent Season, Noiztank, New Body and New York Haunted, finally gaining some recognition. However, we think that he deserves to be even more in the spotlight! We chatted to him briefly and he also recorded a rather special live composition, which is an homage to our all-time favourite Eliane Radigue.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Liminal/Aires – Liminal/Aires

Even though it's Saturday, we have something special to introduce you to: the perfect soundtrack for your weekend thanks to Prague-based tape label and music community Genot Centre. Their next release is a limited split cassette by Liminal and Aires, simply entitled Liminal/Aires. The official date is 1st of August, but you can stream the whole album here ahead its release. What should you expect? Ephemeral, soothing ambience with a melancholic virtuosity.

Sounds Of A Tired City #55: Crypt Thing

If you thought certain electronic music producers were enigmatic, it's time you met Crypt Thing. He just released his debut EP 'Shodan' on South-East London label squareglass – a blue square 7" record, how awesome is that? We asked him to prepare a mix for Sounds Of A Tired City, which turned out to be just as eclectic, surreal and full of surprises as his music.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Siavash Amini & Matt Finney – Familial Rot

Tehran-based drone master Siavash Amini's name should not be unfamiliar for the readers of Sounds Of A Tired City. His debut album 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' was released on the excellent Mexican label Umor Rex in 2014 and now he returns to his roots again with a powerful collaboration with Matt Finney. 'Familial Rot' was mastered by Lawrence English and will be released on July 22nd. Luckily, you don't need to wait anymore, since we are so generous that you can stream the full work right here.

Sounds Of A Tired City #54: Arovane

Our next guest mix has been thoughtfully composed by none other than Uwe Zahn aka Arovane. The German virtuoso of ethereal melodies selected some delicate sounds that make up for a one hour journey through lush ambience. Atmospheric field recordings, soft piano pieces and even some gentle beats with (among others) Orla Wren, Marcus Fischer, Darren McClure, Porya Hatami and Arovane himself.

Watch/Read/Travel: Federico Durand

"I collect Christmas seals and charity stamps issued by orphanages and hospices. The most beautiful were made during the early 20th century. Denmark, Sweden and Finland made very eerie, fairy and rare items. We all know that we can travel very far while listening music. Something similar happens to me with my favorite charity seals – which reveal (and also hide) the misty world of childhood."

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sonae – I Know A Fish (Cétieu Remix)

Sonia Güttler aka Sonae released her debut album ‘Far Away Is Right Around The Corner’ on Monika Enterprise last year. 'Far Away... Remixed' was released on June 10th and it contains 4 special remixes of the original tracks accompanied by 4 music videos. We have the pleasure to introduce you to Cétieu's version of 'I Know A Fish', which comes together with Alisa Berger's experimental film collage.

Eric Holm: Diving in snow, ice, helmets… there was no way I wasn’t going to do that!

Eric Holm is back with his second album entitled 'Barotrauma', which was recorded in the Nordic fjords south of Oslo while he was training at the Norwegian School of Commercial diving. A totally different world, different means of recording and different experiences but somewhat of the same atmosphere as in 'Andøya' when it comes to the end results. We decided it was time to catch up with Eric again to talk about these otherworldly experiences and we are also proud to premiere a piece called 'Enceladus' from the upcoming album. 'Barotrauma' will be released on Subtext on 24th June.

Merrin Karras: The beauty of music is that it’s forever

Producing electronic music since 2002, Irish-born Berlin-based Brendan Gregoriy is more widely known for his distinctive house and techno productions as Chymera. This might change with his new alias Merrin Karras and his debut record on A Strangely Isolated Place, which is an astonishing journey to the deepest depths of ambient music. Inspired by musicians like Klaus Schulze, Biosphere or Abul Mogard, 'Apex' is a timeless homage to the early pioneers of music and a love letter to the synthesiser. We chatted about his early inspirations and were also curious to know some more about his new alias and the new album, which will be released on 29th July.

Sounds Of A Tired City #53: Erinome

There is no better way to dive into a new month than with Erinome's excellent selection and perfect blend of power electronics and ambient. Erinome is Aaron Ross Hansen, a multi-instrumental sound artist and composer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. In this mix he explores the relationship between electronic and acoustic tones, organic and industrial textures.

Spheruleus: making music available, without worrying about what will ‘sell’

Spheruleus is UK-based artist Harry Towell. His work has been released on various labels such as Under The Spire, Hibernate, Home Normal, Eilean Rec. and Time Released Sound. He also runs the Audio Gourmet netlabel (which also used to be a blog once upon a time), Tessellate Recordings and recently launched the highly promising whitelabrecs. Sometimes he still blogs over at Irregular Crates. We have no idea how come he had some time to prepare a rather special vinyl-only ambient mix for Sounds Of A Tired City, but let him tell us what he's been up to these days.

Degenerate Art

Today we welcome a new column on Sounds Of A Tired City: Subjective Streets. Here is the first guest piece by Raphael Shklarek. "I recently read an article posted on Femmecult entitled “Fascism in Ambient Music” by Evelyn Malinowski. Immediately I was irritated and intrigued, since I am both a big lover of ambient music and a big opponent of fascism. As the article unfolded I was more and more astonished at the bigotry it was based on. What you are about to read in this commentary is my personal opinion on the issues that the original essay tackles, namely industrial, ambient and techno music and its relationship towards fascist, brutalist aesthetics. It will further open up the discussion to the role and position of music and art in general."

Sounds Of A Tired City #51: Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins

Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins are a trio based in Amsterdam, Berlin and Karlsruhe. For the sake of independence they live the modern day musicians' life: working on something they like during the week and writing music, developing tools and finishing records at night, in the weekends and during vacations in small houses with no internet. They most probably composed this mix for us during the night, which is a pleasant journey through techno and ambient, blending soft synth melodies with experimental twists. Enjoy this selection with Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi and Alessandro Cortini.

Pär Grindvik: I never sleep and always work

Pär Grindvik has been a central figure in the Swedish electronic music scene since the 90's, he has released music on numerous electronic labels. In 2002 he founded Stockholm LTD, which started out as an outlet for timeless electronic music and has since developed into a trademark for quality electronic music from a wide range of international artists. Even though he has released dozens of EPs and played in the best clubs in the world, the time for a full-length release has come just now. 'Isle of Real' will be released on Stockholm LTD on May 24. We had the pleasure of chatting to Pär about the Swedish music scene back in the days, his new album and his collaboration with Peder Mannerfelt, who's one of the most exciting characters in Swedish electronic music these days. We even asked Peder to tell us how studio life looks like with Pär.


Future Twin are a San Francisco-based creative, fresh and energetic shoegaze duo. They are just about to release their new single entitled 'Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?' on WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring), so we thought it was time for you to meet them. We chatted to Jeanie to find out more about how they started out, what they do, life in San Francisco and their future plans! We can ensure you, it's a highly interesting read. Also, we are happy to premiere 'Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?' on Sounds Of A Tired City, make sure you check it out while you're putting on your reading glasses.

PREMIERE: Outblinker – Walter Peck

You must be familiar with that feeling when your favourite musician/artist is physically not able to produce enough tracks to keep you satisfied but you cannot help yourself to want more and more, as soon as possible. We found ourselves in this situation after Blanck Mass' last album 'Dumb Flesh', and nothing could fill the void until we discovered the Glasgow-based Outblinker.

Finn of Tomland: Happy 2 Years of Sounds Of A Tired City

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with an epic 2,5 hours long mix made by our friend and one of our favourite DJs, Finn of Tomland. If you haven't heard about him before, it's time you get introduced... because if someone knows how to make an exquisite selection and build up a set in a way you wish it would never end... well, that's Finn!

Sounds Of A Tired City #49: holymachines

Let's slide smoothly into this new week with a delicate mix by Berlin-based musician and sound artist holymachines (Chris Hill). What should you expect? How about Arve Henriksen, Fennesz, Karen Gwyer, John Cage, Autechre and Lorenzo Senni...? Say no more!

Gidge: We probably have ourselves to blame for not being more well-known in Sweden

Gidge are Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson, an electronic duo from Umeå, Sweden. After their debut record 'Autumn Bells' on Atomnation they just released their second LP 'Lulin'. However, this is not just a record: it’s a collaboration between Gidge, the Lampray film production company and NORR arts platform. They wanted to break the traditional pattern of creating a music video for the pieces, therefore they treated the visuals as individual entity, which are separated from the music, yet strongly connected. We spoke to Ludvig and Jonatan about Gidge, Umeå and 'Lulin', Read, watch and listen!

PREMIERE: Gainstage – Elevated Noise [Portals Editions]

Portals Editions are a relatively new Berlin-based collective of sound artists consisting of Shaddah Tuum, Ketev, Circular Ruins, Gainstage, Noumeno, Consulate etc. They are focusing on intense industrial sounds, heavy-doomy noise and everything else you can imagine inbetween... and their tracks got some remix treatment by Orphan Swords, Cut Hands, Kerridge and Dadub! They have six releases in their quickly expanding catalogue so far, and we have the pleasure to premiere their seventh − you can listen to Gainstage's 'Elevated Noise' in full-length on Sounds Of A Tired City.

INTONAL Experimental Music Festival 2016 – Interview with Ulf Eriksson

In case you missed it last year, we are going to introduce a festival that for some reason didn't make it to the hyped 'festivals you should attend in April' lists. However, you really should! Showcasing a wide range of experimental music from abstract sound experiments to new and inspiring electronic dance music, Intonal is the perfect place for festivalgoers who prefer an intense but also a more intimate sound experience. You must be wondering about the line-up... how about Morton Subotnick, James Holden, Stephen O'Malley, TM404, Peder Mannerfelt, LCC, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Thomas Ankersmit just to name a few?

Julia Kent & Sontag Shogun: Scandinavian Tour

Canadian cellist and composer Julia Kent and US/Canadian piano and electronics trio Sontag Shogun (Ian Temple, piano; Jeremy Young, tapes, oscillators, piezo mics; Jesse Perlstein, laptop, field recordings) just started their Scandinavian Spring tour. They will be sharing the stage to promote Julia's recent album 'Asperities' and to present some upcoming material from Sontag Shogun. They will be performing in Denmark and more extensively in Sweden during these upcoming days. We thought we would introduce them a bit, so you can make sure not to miss their concerts if you live in the area!

Sounds Of A Tired City #48: Aria Rostami

Coming from San Francisco, Aria Rostami’s music shares the same ebb and flow of his hilly and foggy city. With influences from ambient to IDM, classical to noise, and Persian traditional to Japanese contemporary, Rostami’s work will either hit a note you like or an idea you’d want to explore. Nothing proves this better than the mix he did for us where traditional sounds walk hand in hand with the most experimental notes.

Dalhous: Acceptance is Reality

"Information to follow." This is all we can read on the Blackest Ever Black website about Marc Dall's Dalhous project. The lack of information cannot be blamed on a lazy webmaster but rather on the fact that Marc prefers to keep things private and lets his music speak for himself. However, the Edinburgh-based artist has a lot say, since his third full-length album – and possibly the most personal one so far – entitled 'The Composite Moods Collection Vol.1: House Number 44' will be released today, 11 March on Blackest Ever Black. We managed to break the silence and asked Marc to talk a little bit about the album, which is the first part of a trilogy that roughly revolves around the idea of an individual suffering from mental disorder. Read on and get a taste of the new record as well!

PREMIERE: Stream ‘Byn’ from Gidge’s Upcoming Album ‘Lulin’

Have you ever wondered what does Swedish nature sound like? Really high up north in the subarctic climate, where winters seem to be everlasting and cruel... where the landscape is quiet and peaceful, where every lonely tree and little hole has a story to tell, where every sound is living its own life. Sounds are present even in the least expected places, either you want them or not. It's up to you to use their mysterious power and turn them into something otherworldly. Just like the Swedish duo Gidge did it with their second album entitled 'Lulin'. Below you can stream 'Byn', a haunting yet soothing track off the LP.

Tor Lundvall: I don’t value my work based on how others value it

As we mentioned earlier, we had the greatest possible pleasure to talk to the artist behind one of the best ambient albums last year. This would be 'The Park' (released on Dais Records) and its creator, the American painter and musician Tor Lundvall. He's been active in the music scene for around two decades now, however he never promotes his music violently... he is not even active on social media, he prefers to stay in the background and let his art speak for himself. Let's stop the music for a second and give some space for his thoughts on his influences, nature, self-promotion, solitude and Benoît Pioulard.

Ambient-pop-drone from Canada: Lying Light in the Quiet

It's always fascinating to follow someone's musical adventures throughout the years and see what direction they take, what paths they follow or what kind of detours they make and where do they end up. We got in touch with Alex Stooshinoff a while back when he was pursuing his aural dreams straight out of Saskatoon, Canada with his solo project Living Room. Quite some time has passed since then. Alex moved to Montreal, started studying electroacoustics and joined forces with his friend Zac Knuttila which resulted in the birth of their new project called Lying Light in the Quiet.

WATCH: We Like We – Tisina

'Tišina' means 'Silence' in Slovenian. If we're pronouncing it right it’s a beautiful word, but it's so much more than that. It does not only contain the 'sssch' sound (which you use when you want to silence someone), but it also has an inexplicable, serene touch to it. Last but not least this mysterious silence is the main focus of We Like We's instrumental composition for which Danish visual artist Stina Resting recently made a spellbinding video. Take a deep breathe and surrender yourself to silence.

Sounds Of A Tired City #47: Moon Wheel

Olle Holmberg aka Moon Wheel performed a mind-blowing liveset at NEUROMODULATION's Écophagie event in Montréal, Canada (4 December 2015). Lucky you are, you can listen to the whole show on Sounds Of A Tired City and you can also read a bit about Olle's Canadian experiences.

Delicatessen: Matt Dunkley – Cycle 5 (Clint Mansell Remix)

If you check out Matt Dunkley's IMDb page, your jaw most probably is going to drop. He's been involved in more than a hundred films as orchestrator and conductor. ‘Inception’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Black Swan’ just to mention a few titles... He also worked with artists such as Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Massive Attack and Kronos Quartet. It was about time to release his debut artist album: 'Six Cycles' is coming on 11th March on Village Green. Sounds Of A Tired City got the honour to premiere a remix of one of tracks from the upcoming album, which has been made by none other than our favourite Clint Mansell.

PREMIERE: Elusive – Sand Dunes on Mars

Every now and then you hear music that feels so cozy and homey that you find it hard to believe that you haven't heard it anywhere before. The California-based Elusive's new album entitled 'Textures' is an exquisite example: it surprises your body and mind in the right places. Warm layers of jazz, funk and soul, clicky percussions, soft drums, samples and synths are aligned for your listening pleasure. Sounds Of A Tired City got the exclusive premiere of 'Sand Dunes on Mars' off the new album, which is a slightly futuristic journey into the past. We cannot guarantee that you won't feel like dancing.

Be the Sound of the Tired City!

We are looking for a curious intern to join our team and help us with interviews, event reviews and other relevant and fun content for our website. We don’t care about your whereabouts, the most important thing is that you love writing and sharing your ideas, you are innovative and want to gain some (more) experience in music journalism within our platform.

PREMIERE: dotwav – Panic Room

Berlin-based label and artist collective KONFLKT recently released the follow up to dotwav’s debut who continue their exploration of percussion-fuelled techno with 2 sides of frenzied broken-rhythms and murky piercing tones. 'Schmerz', which translates as 'pain' in German, lives up to its name with 2 sides of dislocated techno complemented by equally mangled remixes. The EP marks KONFLKT’s entry into the physical market with a vinyl release on January 15th, which is followed by a digital release on February 12th. Here comes a little Q&A with the artists who are currently on tour in South America. While you are reading, check out one of the tracks entitled 'Panic Room'.

LCC’s (Las CasiCasiotone) Favourite Things in 2015

Although we're already deep into the new year, we've got one last summary taking a glance back at 2015 from the LCC (Las CasiCasiotone) girls. They have released their first LP ‘d/evolution’ on Editions Mego in 2014, and they were busy with preparing new sounds, plenty of guest mixes and lots of gigs. Next on their agenda is performing at Art's Birthday Party in Stockholm, Sweden, where they will also spend a week at the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) to work with the Buchla and Serge synthesizers. This is one more reason to look forward to their next releases!

PREMIERE: Multicast Dynamics – Outer Envelopes [Denovali Records]

Samuel van Dijk is an electronic music producer, sound designer and media artist from the Netherlands, having released electronic music under a variety of projects, namely, Mohlao and VC-118A. With his current project Multicast Dynamics he creates ever-evolving sound textures culminating in intriguing soundscapes while preserving a tranquil cinematic atmosphere. His new album 'Outer Envelopes' will be released on 26th February on Denovali Records, therefore we have the pleasure to share an exclusive stream one of the tracks featured on the album. Here comes 'Sonar'!

Best 50 Albums Of 2015

End-of-year lists became something like a plague these days. Like a constant mass of unrequested baby pictures or wedding photos on social media – you know they are coming sooner or later, but you are aware of the fact that you cannot really hide from all of them. Secretly, you also admit that eventually all this is more than okay if they make someone happy. Let it flow. It’s basically the same thing with these lists – we’ve been pregnant with these albums for at least 12 months, and now that another year is coming to end, we would like to share these experiences with you.

Best of 2015: Part #5 (10-1)

Here it comes... the fifth and final part of our extensive list of the Best Albums of 2015. Our 10 favourite records this year. What could be in here? Perhaps Samuel Kerridge? Peder Mannerfelt? Maybe some Benoit Pioulard? How about Alessandro Cortini? Let's not forget about Kreng either... Oneohtrix Point Never? Sorry to disappoint, no OPN this time.

Best of 2015: Part #4 (20-11)

Since we don’t publish (or hardly ever read!) reviews throughout the year, this list has been composed out of honest passion and the utmost respect for all the labels and artists who worked hard to provide a special aural dessert for us. Keep up the great work, because someone is out there and listening! Be it techno, ambient, modern classical or shoegaze – we tried to collect our favourite sounds for your listening pleasure. The list could be longer but it could be shorter as well. Consider it as a guide if you like. We hope that everyone can discover at least 1 album they missed before. Then it was already all worth it.

Best of 2015: Part #3 (30-21)

Getting closer to the end... it's time to take a look at the third part of our best-of-the-year list. Now that the year is definitely getting to the end, we can make sure there will be no new releases popping up in the last minute. Enjoy our selection featuring recent works of Moon Wheel, Christina Vantzou, Jasmine Guffond, Kangding Ray and others.

Best of 2015: Part #2 (40-31)

Here comes the second part of our end-of-the-year best of list including recent works of Shuttle358, Fjordne, Off The Sky, Markus Guentner, Nils Frahm and then some more!

Best of 2015: Part #1 (50-41)

End-of-year lists became something like a plague these days. Like a constant mass of unrequested baby pictures or wedding photos on social media – you know they are coming sooner or later, but you are aware of the fact that you cannot really hide from all of them. Secretly, you also admit that eventually all this is more than okay if they make someone happy. Let it flow. It’s basically the same thing with these lists – we’ve been pregnant with these albums for at least 12 months, and now that another year is coming to end, we would like to share these experiences with you.

Sounds Of A Tired City #46: Sarah Davachi

Although it’s certainly guaranteed that nobody will ever use the words ‘festive’ or 'tasteful' to describe this mix, what Sarah Davachi presents here is in large part a collection of mostly popular songs that become ubiquitous in her brain once the nights start to recede into winter’s cold blanket, and in small part a group of mostly generic songs that have come for some reason or another to define this year in passing.

Sonae: Five things I decided in 2015

Picking Sonae's 'Top Five...' wouldn't help too much because she did not have the capacity to listen to enough albums or see enough films. Maybe she didn't have much spare time – but 2015 was exciting: her debut album came out, she went back back to university for doing a Master's, she's been playing concerts on a regular basis, organising a concert series in Cologne and installing a monthly come-together for female electronic artists. Sonae is sharing 5 important ideas she realized this year, this being the most personal feature that's ever been published on Sounds Of A Tired City.

Christina Vantzou’s 5 favourite things in 2015

Indeed, it's THAT time of the year again. To spice things up a bit, we are going to publish a series of 'best of' lists composed by various musicians. Let's get started with Christina Vantzou who will lead us into the ever so exciting world of her travels, but we will also learn what her favourite performances were this year, and there are some great music documentary tips involved as well!

Sounds Of A Tired City #45: Sustainer

Alex Alarcón aka Sustainer lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He got into making music when he was a child, playing guitar and homemade percussions, and then began experimenting with sequencers and synths in the mid-90's. After releasing some beat-oriented stuff, his sound began to evolve towards less-rhythm oriented music, near to ambient drone and electroacoustic fields with deep textures. His latest releases include 'Radiolas' on Room40 and 'Taps' on Tessellate Recordings. Alex prepared a fantastic guest mix for us, which is dedicated to the 'film noir' genre... so expect lots of jazzy, vaporous & smoky infused tracks... from 1957 until today. We also asked him to tell us a little bit about his selection, so keep on reading and listening!

Watch/Read/Travel: Scanner

"Books have always played a key role in my life, alongside music and visual arts. I studied literature at University and have built up my library since I was a teenager. Looking back at the hundreds and hundreds of books I now own is a kind of travelogue, pulling me through history and memory at the same time."

worriedaboutsatan: We’re hard people to tame, and we really don’t like being told what to do

worriedaboutsatan are an electronic music duo from Manchester, UK that formed in 2006 in Leeds by Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale. Their debut album 'Arrivals' was released in 2009 – a record which won much critical acclaim for its slow motion atmospherics and dark, techno infused electronica. 'Even Temper' marks the first full length since their 2009 debut. Taking cues from techno, krautrock, drone and even '70s prog rock, the album spans a wide range of sounds, all with an underlying thread and intensity. We spoke to Gavin and Tom about their influences and the adventurous life of worriedaboutsatan... and they even prepared a guest mix including delicacies by Edith Progue, Krzysztof Penderecki, Brian Eno, Pendle Coven, Jeff Mills and many others!

Watch/Read/Travel: Chra

"I love the seaside. I love South America. I've been a couple of times in Mexico – the beach of Pie de la Cuesta is wide, beautiful and it's very close to Acapulco... it even has a very serious history. We went there with public transport what makes it even more exciting."

Wilted Woman: My idea of the perfect set up was having as many shitty effect pedals as possible

Eel Burn aka Wilted Woman is a musician and composer focusing on rhythmic electronic music with elements reaching from Berliner Schule to industrial and musique concrète. We had the pleasure to chat with this creative lady before her visit in Stockholm for the Sound of Stockholm festival. If you have missed the show, now you can even listen to her set which was recorded during her performance in Fylkingen... and if that would not be enough, as a bonus she even prepared a guest mix for us!

PREMIERE: Gradual – Aton Tehen

Gradual are a Berlin based project of artists Lee and Michael. They embarked on a mutual sonic journey in 2008 to the thresholds of modern theatre and techno. Although they come from different ends of the sonic spectrum both were rooted in performance. Since coming to Berlin in 2013 they’ve developed their live project into something expressive and polished while maintaining the gritty influence of the city. They strike that balance in their intensive techno live acts by using drum machines, synths and modulars. We have the pleasure to present an exclusive stream of 'Aton Tehen', a track featured on their debut release 'Ipseity'.

Sounds Of A Tired City #42: Madegg

Hailing from Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu, who goes by the stage name Madegg, is a rising star in the Japanese electronic music scene. Madegg has supported the likes of Ryoji Ikeda, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Tim Hecker, The Field, Arca, Matthewdavid, Mark Fell (SND) in Japan and played the show SonarSound Tokyo/Osaka 2013 as youngest artist that year. Moving freely between dubstep, house and noise, part of the fun of listening to Madegg is not knowing what he’ll come up with next. The same goes for his mix he prepared for Sounds Of A Tired City – get ready for an eclectic journey!

VIDEO: Robert Logan – Solanoid

Robert Logan's music is an intelligent fusion of influences from folk, medieval and classical to krautrock and electronica. He blends acoustic and electronic instruments and sound sources including voices and field recordings, and he has developed an intuitive and fluid use of digital production tools. His complex and restless rhythms carry an echo of his half Hungarian background and its rich musical history. With this new video created for 'Solanoid' from his new album 'Flesh', he revisits his Hungarian roots. Let's take this seven and a half minutes long industrial trip together.

PREMIERE: Spaces – Two (incl. Mark Fell Remix)

Spaces returns with 'Two', the second in a trilogy of releases, hitting straight back with his unique blend of puncturing percussions and weird, compressed textures. To finish, this EP has the added bonus of a remix from Mark Fell (SND/Sensate Focus), an early supporter of Spaces' work.

Sounds Of A Tired City #41: Vai

The mysterious Vai has been active in the scene for a few years already, with various production teams and aliases. 'Son of Idaia' is his most intimate work to date, a deep trip down the rabbit hole, dubby, immersive and glowing in all its calm beauty. We asked Vai to prepare a guest mix along the same lines, which resulted in having John Cage, Aphex Twin, Steve Reich, Vladislav Delay and Delta Funktionen masterfully lined up for your listening pleasure.

Sounds Of A Tired City #40: Room40

We asked Lawrence English to talk about the history of Room40 and also prepare a fantastic guest mix featuring only his label's releases. What a lucky coincidence that this happens to be the 40th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City...

Room40: Lawrence English

In 2015, Australian-based experimental music label Room40 celebrates 15 years of activities with a series of curated evenings across the globe. We were lucky enough to be able to take part in these evenings in Stockholm, a project humbly organised by John Chantler, who's also one of the core members of the Room40 family. For this occasion we asked Lawrence to talk about the history of the label and also prepare a fantastic guest mix featuring only Room40 releases. What a lucky coincidence that this happens to be the 40th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City.

Sounds Of A Tired City #39: Andrea Belfi

We spoke to Andrea about his influences and recent interests, Stockholm, synthesizers and a special instrument called trimba. You can also get a sneak peek of what to expect from his performance at Fylkingen. If this would not be enough, he even prepared a guest mix featuring some of his favourite pieces.

Andrea Belfi: I like hypnotic and challenging acoustic experiences, where people can just sit and float

Andrea Belfi has a profound connection with Sweden, his last album 'Natura Morta' was partly recorded at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm and now he will be a vital part of celebrating 15 years of Room40 just a few steps away from the very same studio. We spoke to Andrea about his influences and recent interests, Stockholm, synthesizers and a special instrument called trimba. He even prepared a guest mix featuring Peder Mannerfelt, Mike Cooper and Eric Thielemans just to name a few.

Olivia Block: I wanted to make an orchestra sound like anything but an orchestra

Olivia Block creates electroacoustic sound compositions for performance, recordings, installations, cinema, orchestra and chamber music concerts. Between 9-16 October she is doing an artist residency at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm, and during her visit she will also perform at Fylkingen on 16 October as part of ROOM40 Openframe. For this reason we have decided to introduce you to the wonderful and multifaceted world of Olivia Block.

SIMULTAN Festival 2015: Talking To Strangers

SIMULTAN Festival is dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, cultivating the connections between different media. The 11th edition of this exceptional Romanian festival takes place between 7-10 October in Timișoara and you should definitely stop by if you're in the area.