Page #23. Scissors And Sellotape – For The Tired And Ill At Ease

October 24, 2014

Scissors And Sellotape is one of those projects which we would love to hear more from. Released in 2011 on Facture, ‘For The Tired And Ill At Ease’ works with the tristfullness of Stars Of The Lid and the dream-like minimalism of Nils Frahm and Olan Mill. For this album John McCaffrey (also known as Part Timer, Upward Arrows and part of Clickits) has recorded three hours worth of organ and piano played by the talented Heidi Elva from New Zealand, captured at St. Mary’s Church in Thornbury, Melbourne.

The album reflects an atheist’s fascination with the continuing hold that theology has over people – that despite years of humanistic advance, people still turn to their religion for meaning or relief from the pressures of the real world. “I think people see all kinds of things in religion… in some ways it’s whatever you need it to be. You can project your fears, hopes, or conceptions of justice on to it, and find some validating stream of thought. “ (John McCaffrey)

The religious imagery does not end with the music, there is a splendid photographic booklet and some posters which can enhance your listening experience. Not that any kind of intensifying is needed… Feel free to scroll down and check out some of these photos and the album itself as well. 

Scissors And Sellotape – For The Tired And Ill At Ease

Artist: Scissors And Sellotape (John McCaffrey)
Title: For The Tired And Ill At Ease
Label: Facture
Tags: Ambient
Format: 180 gm pure virgin vinyl encased in 300 gm heavy matt FSC sustainable board, printed using vegetable-based inks with black inner sleeves. 
Release Date: 25 December, 2011
Artwork: Letter pressed four panel booklet CD, 16 page photographic booklet, 12×12 bespoke numbered/stamped print on 300 gm card stock, A2 bespoke double sided photographic poster that folds down to A5 on 190 gm uncoated stock. 
Design Support: Ian Hazeldine
Mastered By: Taylor Deupree



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