Page #18. Ben Woods – Moments

September 12, 2014

Ben Woods’ ‘Moments’ might (should!) be one of the most memorable ambient albums of the last decade. It’s a collection of carefully selected moments, each piece is embodied in the strength of being able to accompany you during various activities like strolling in the meadows when the days begin to chill, reading on the sofa under your favourite blanket with a cup of piping hot chai, or making sweet love in the profound darkness of your eternal space. After the wind, as you drift away just abandon everything in the lights of a tired city. There’s no word from above in the moments of realisation, just stare out in silence, lay back and shoot stars, they are the brightest lights in the darkest skies when you know no different. Pictures fade – sound doesn’t.

Feel free to thoughtfully devour each moment on Bandcamp – at no expense.

Ben Woods: Moments
Artist: Ben Woods
Title: Moments
Label: Wise Owl Records
Tags: Modern Classical, Ambient, Instrumental, Piano
Format: CDr, MP3, Album
Release Date: 30 April, 2009
Artwork: Ludo Vanroy




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