Page #17. Zèbra – The Black And White Album

September 5, 2014

Zèbra is one of the numerous aliases that Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop used to produce a the most surprising mixture of IDM, techno and… disco music! The Dutch duo called this refreshing shake ‘meltpop’. After releasing such heavy sounds as Goem and Kapotte Muziek, ‘The Black And White Album’ reveals a heartwarmingly healthy sense of humour. While not exactly taking themselves seriously, Zèbra masterfully poises between dance, disco, funk and noise, techno, glitch beats and samples – resulting in an organic whole, definitely rich and colourful instead of black and white.

Unfortunately there’s also a rather unpleasant story behind these fervent melodies: Symbolic Interaction, who released and sold a handful of copies of the album, withdrew the record because it contained samples of pop music, which he did not notice (say what?) before when he first heard the demo. This means that if you own this album, you’re onto something really special.

Zèbra - The Black And White Album

Artist: Zèbra
Title: The Black And White Album
Label: Symbolic Interaction
Tags: IDM, Ambient, Pop
Format: CD, Album
Release Date: 3 September, 2008
Design: Meeuw (Jos Moers)



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