Page #16. DOS Tracks – :)

August 21, 2014

Uwe Schmidt (Atom™) has (at least) 70 different aliases. Even if you try really hard, most probably you won’t be able to check them all out. DOS Tracks is one of these obscure aliases, and no matter how irrelevant it might seem in the sumptuous discography, this austere album title leads the way to a time machine, which is going to take you straight back to a tender age. This is the age of DOS (Disk Operating System), dial-up internet and binary chaos. Schmidt organizes rhythmic bits and pieces in such a surprisingly minimal yet playful way, that you wish Microsoft Windows would have never existed. 


Dos Tracks - :)


Artist: DOS Tracks (Uwe Schmidt)
Title: 🙂
Label: Rather Interesting
Tags: Experimental, IDM, Abstract
Format: CD, Album
Release Date: April 1999
Artwork: Linger Decoree (Uwe Schmidt)
ASCII Research: DJames Dean Brown



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