Page #14. Steinbrüchel – Stage

July 25, 2014

Originally composed for the interactive dance performance “HYBRIDOME”, Ralph Steinbrüchel‘s second album on LINE never really got the privileged attention that would have deserved – therefore it’s time for reevaluation. Since Steinbrüchel works both as a musician and a graphic designer, not only his sonic structures and textures are carefully composed, but the cover also speaks for itself. Working with electronic compositions, yet going back to our organic nature is an extremely well executed dichotomy. It’s been a while since we heard from Steinbrüchel, who hopefully keeps busy with surprising us once again.


Steinbrüchel - Stage
Artist: Steinbrüchel
Title: Stage
Label: LINE
Tags: Experimental, Abstract, Minimal
Format: CD, edition of 1000
Release Date: September 2006
Artwork: Ralph Steinbrüchel
Featuring: Tomas Korber, Bernd Schurer




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