Page #11. Greg Haines – Moments Eluding

July 4, 2014

You don’t always have a cat posing on a piano as a contemporary classical album cover, but when you do it’s Greg Haines. Gracefully captured by Peter Broderick, the black creature seems to be all set to embrace the absorbing tinkle of this beautiful instrument.

Produced by Peter Broderick, recorded December 15, 2010 at Tabalet Estudis (Alboraia, Valencia). Session organized and assisted by Raúl Pastor Medall, engineered by Juan Carlos Tomás Castillo, mixed by Greg Haines and Peter Broderick, mastered by Nils Frahm.

Greg Haines: Moments Eluding
Artist: Greg Haines
Title: Moments Eluding
Label: Kning Disk
Tags: Modern Classical, Piano
Format: CD, Digital, Vinyl, Limited Edition of 333 copies
 Release Date: 30 January, 2012
Curated, Produced, Mixed, Cover by: Peter Broderick
Mastered By: Nils Frahm
Design: Mattias Nilsson




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