Page #10. Vladislav Delay – Tummaa

June 27, 2014

We cannot be exactly sure what is happening on the cover picture, but the Helsinki-based illustrator and costume designer, Kaisa Kemikoski could probably help us out with an explanation. What is for certain, however, is that Sasu Ripatti’s abstract jazz infusion from five years ago is one of a kind in his discography. On this occasion he worked together with Scottish soundtrack composer and arranger Craig Armstrong on piano and Argentine musician Lucio Capece on clarinet and saxophone. ‘Melancholia’, ‘Bruises’ and ‘Dark’ – just to name a few of the titles translated – sums it all up quite accurately.

Vladislav Delay: Tummaa
Artist: Vladislav Delay
Title: Tummaa
Label: Leaf
Tags: Ambient, Experimental, Abstract, Jazz
Format: CD, Album
Release Date: 24 August, 2009
Artwork: Kaisa Kemikoski
Co-Writer: Craig Armstrong




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