April 28, 2016

Future Twin are a San Francisco-based creative, fresh and energetic shoegaze duo… or punkadelic… or moongaze… or old-time soul. They are just about to release their new single entitled ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?’ on WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring), so we thought it was time for you to meet them. We chatted to Jeanie  to find out more about how they started out, what they do, life in San Francisco and their future plans! We can ensure you, it’s a highly interesting read. Also, we are happy to premiere ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?’ on Sounds Of A Tired City, make sure you check it out while you’re putting on your reading glasses.

Jean / Future Twin (Photo: Stefan Aronsen)

Jeanie / Future Twin (Photo: Stefan Aronsen)

How would you describe Future Twin for those who are unfamiliar with your music?

A San Francisco writer recently called Future Twin “soul-gaze” music, which was pretty flattering. Lately we’ve been getting some more experimental dance vibes drinking what’s left in the CAN.

You’ve got an interesting background, since you were originally brought together by the first all female moped gang in San Francisco, The Lockits. How should we imagine this gang? Sounds badass!

The Lockits are badass!! Our members have spread out around the country at this point. We carry hot pink switchblades but will (most likely) only cut you with our wit. Gotta pay tribute to our mother gang TREATS of the LOIN, also from San Francisco, who have many an honorary longhair in their ranks. I wrote a song about the founding members of the Lockits and sampled some peds on it. Haha, it all sounds like tiny lawn mowers…. we’re SO TOUGH.

Besides making music you also love to create strange scenarios in public places. What do you like the most about these shenanigans? Can you tell us one of your favourite situations that emerged from such a demonstration?

Let’s see… at one point my best bud Aaron Bray and I designed and then he built this gazebo-like structure that we could set up and break down where ever… I set it up around town and would cover it in red velvet, then ask people passing by to stop and sing or play a tune. I’d play a keyboard and make beats and then they’d freestyle… One time a woman came by and started reading Lydia Lunch… we got some good samples that day about how her “Catholic priest in the Marina let them do so.” The Marina is a fancy neighborhood in SF. Another time, I ran around the city with some friends projecting the words “Don’t Evict Grandpa” on the sides of buildings and a huge church in the city square. It’s good to keep shenanigans going in the midst of all this turmoil in pretty much every city in the world. Laugh or cry, ya know? And then the Panama Papers were published… so now at least we don’t have to sound like conspiracy theorists anymore… Someone recently asked me to dress up like Jesus and get on a cross for a couple hours as part of an eviction defense on Easter Sunday… I obliged… the bros were all “hey take my picture with female jesus.” I don’t think they knew why we were there… oh bros…

Future Twin

Jeanie / Future Twin

The concept behind your artist name is about imagining the type of person you want to become, and designing your life towards her or him. How do you imagine this person?

My future twin speaks multiple languages, practices martial arts like Kuk Sul Won and has a falcon named Etta that lives on my roof top and darts throughout the city bringing us treats and scaring real-estate speculators (also considered a treat).

‘Wavelength Sovereignty’is your first full-length album. If we consider ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?’, the track we are premiering, it seems like this time you were more focused on the gentle side of the coin, soothing but powerful shoegaze instead of punk energies. Where did you draw inspiration for this record?

Well, the record as a whole was inspired by tumultuous SF life, written at the height of the current housing crisis, so there’s a lot of anger in there. Then I had to let that anger go, and channel it (I’ve been volunteering for a community land trust for the past several years). Then I re-discovered the joy of napping, and a bandmate at the time discovered it with me, so yea, ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)’ was written for him, in a way, and for everyone who needs a nap now and then. It’s also a nod to folks who live unhoused and need to sleep in public places sometimes. They need to rest too!

Your music is deeply inspired by San Francisco, where you come from, where you live. What does this place mean to you? How does it influence you musically?

Haha, it gives me plenty of angst and struggle if that’s what you mean 😉 I played a gig at a collectively-owned art space in Oakland recently and found on a scrap of paper the words “We could use a Bay Area as cool as the myth.” Myths are funny like that. California has the sweeping views and the gold-drenched hills, but it also has a pretty f*cked underbelly when it comes to pay to play politics and hegemony. Every city has its darkness tho, just like the people who build them. As they say, there is no black and white, just a sh*tload of grey. Gotta love those nuances, eh?

What’s next for Future Twin? Future plans?

More time spent in cities I’m sure, is that the future?? Come on humanity! Although right now I’m fortunate enough to be writing this from a music residency in the country in Northern California, a couple hours from the Bay, that I’ve been very fortunate to find and feel very very grateful to be welcomed to. As for future Future Twin plans? A European music booker wants to send us to Europe, which sounds like a dream! But how many more emails will I have to write in order to make that happen?? Haha I’m kidding, sort of… I’m hoping to release s couple music videos soon, one that was shot entirely within the artwork/imagination of the artist Xara Thustra, who is like… a genius when it comes to color and messaging and meaning.

Still from the upcoming ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?’ video

Still from the upcoming ‘Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?’ video

If we’re talking about a tour in Europe… which country/city would be your dream location to perform in and why?

I would LOVE to perform in Switzerland because I wrote a song called “Lockits” about an all-femme moped gang I co-founded in San Francisco, and I’ve discovered the song gets decent radio play in Switzerland, so I wanna perform for fans there. I’d also really like to play Prague, because I’ve never been there but hear it’s an epic place with epic culture. Of course there’s also the usual heavy-hitters like Berlin and Paris, where I am fortunate enough to know some like-minded musicians there who I’d love to spend more time with, like La Femme and Miss M.E.

Also, we must ask… are you rested (enough yet)?

Well I’m about to watch a zombie show (euphemism for all things TV/dead eyes) then stay up all night finishing a new composition… but luckily I took some naps today so… long answer…. YES.









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