Finn of Tomland: Happy 2 Years of Sounds Of A Tired City

April 23, 2016

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with an epic 2,5 hours long mix made by our friend and one of our favourite DJs, Finn of Tomland. If you haven’t heard about him before, it’s time you get introduced… because if someone knows how to make an exquisite selection and build up a set in a way you wish it would never end… well, that’s Finn!

We asked him to make a selection of tracks that were released during the existence of Sounds Of A Tired City, especially focusing on material that we were unable to cover during this period. Wish we would have the (wo)manpower to feature everything that would deserve more attention though. We also asked him to talk about the mix and himself, so you would not only get the good vibes and a delightful atmosphere but also meet someone exceptional who lives for the music and cares about spreading a good word or two just as much as we do. Thank you for all your support during these two years, happy listening! 


First of all I, would like to wish Sounds Of A Tired City happy 2nd birthday and say thanks a lot for letting me do this little mix for you! It’s a blend that starts with some Drone and then turns into Electronica with a lot of my favourite artists and labels that I felt like introducing to you who follow Sounds Of A Tired City.

They had 1 rule that I had to follow and that was that the tracks in the mix should have been released during the time Sounds Of A Tired City has been active so they are tracks from the period between 23/04/2014 and 23/04/2016. Yes, yes I know, the new TM404 album is actually not released just yet, but it was made available at the INTONAL festival in Malmö (when you read this, I played there yesterday the 22nd!) and I got a digital promo from the lovely Ulf at Kontra-Musik, so cut me some slack please! A lot of the tracks in this mix lean towards Dub, because I like that sound a lot, but there’s also some more harsher sounding tracks, because I don’t want my listeners to grow comfortly numb listening to the same kind of sound forever.

Many of the tracks in this mix come from small independent artists and labels as well as some names you probably have heard of. But I don’t care if they are small or big names, all I care about is the music and the creativity behind it, because haven’t we all seen enough of big DJ’s/Artists and their bags at airports by now? From my point of view, playing it safe for a big crowd doesn’t leave much headroom for experimentation and/or exploration into some very interesting sounds and it sure doesn’t lead to any progress either, not that I would call myself a progressive DJ though .

So who am I? I started as a Chill-Out/Ambient Dub DJ in Malmö, Sweden in 1994 playing at bars/restaurants and it took me 12 years to get a gig at a club. In 2006 I did my first gig at Culture Box in Copenhagen and became a resident DJ there for about 6 years or so and that led to many other great gigs at festivals like Kontra-Musik Festival and Norbergfestival in Sweden, Trailerpark and Strøm in Denmark and I have also been the DJ for the whole Störung Festival in Barcelona once. When I play in Stockholm, where Sounds Of A Tired City is located, I usually play at the wonderful club FLiM. My last gig there was at the Biosphere event at the Museum of Natural History. And my DJ name… well it’s a tribute to Tom of Finland who is considered as hardcore by some people and the opposite of hardcore in the world of Techno is Chill-Out… and as my real name is Finn, I play slow music and like to play with words, I ended up with this alias.

Last but not least, I hope you will enjoy the mix and if by any chance you will hear something new that you have never heard before and like what you hear, please do the artist/label a big favour and buy it!




Kazuya Matsumoto – ひぐらしそのひぐらし (Higurashi Sonohigurashi) [Spekk]

April Larson – Undergrounding In A Storm (Excerpt) [Arell]

Valanx – Copper I [diametric/]

Fjäder – Bifrost [Kabalion]

Severence – Benjolin Drone III [Mensch]

Øe – Freezing, Light Beam [Arboretum (Hanami Series)]

Alva Noto – Xerrox Solsphere [Raster-Noton]

Roger 23 – Thao-N-Y (Roger 23’s Twelfe Re-Measures High Interpretation) [Mensch]

Periskop – Immerse (Component VII) [Kabalion]

Valanx – Spawn [diametric.]

TM404 – Don’t Defend Mascot [Kontra-Musik]

GRÜN – Dropping [Dromoscope]

Brandon Moeller – In The Pines [Dock]

Durusin – Otoka Dub [An-epic]

Durusin – Enade [SM-LL]

Fjäder – Vingar [Shaded Explorations]

I-LP-O IN DUB – Rudealis Dub [Editions Mego]

Synth Sense – Signal Interference [Auxiliary]

Pokk! – Hanway Place [An-epic]

Giorgio Gigli – Through Leaden Clouds [Electric Deluxe]

Peder Mannerfelt – DB At Holger [Peder Mannerfelt]

Matter – Column [Kvitnu]

Honzo – Moral Masochism (Shadows Remix) [Arboretum]

Kerridge – DAYT [Contort]

Crypto Tropic – Tropiques [Le Cabanon]

Horla – Instrumentum [Le Cabanon]


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