EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Araya – Acid Ambient 6 (Filter Dub Version)

December 21, 2016

The festive holiday season is upon us, and with it comes endless money-spending, gifts that no one will ever use, lack of snow, infinite amounts of food, family and the thing that unites us all: music! So here is a useful present from us to you, an acid ambient track from Daniel Araya, which he created exclusively for Sounds Of A Tired City. This piece is part of the same series of tracks, ‘Acid Ambient Vol. 1’ that he recently released on Kontra-Musik, but it’s a special, slowed down and filtered version. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

Daniel Araya is the Studio Engineer of the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) studio in Stockholm, Sweden, home of the even more legendary Buchla 200 system. When he’s not maintaining the illustrious synths at EMS, he’s fiddling with other vintage analog gear and is serving an important role as an acid overlord in the Stockholm nightlife. 

Daniel has released his music on various labels (Börft, Family House Records, Romb) but he’s been in the background for way too long. With his latest EP ‘Acid Ambient Vol. 1’ on Kontra-Musik is time for him to step out into the spotlight. We can’t wait for Vol. 2 already!

Listen & Buy ‘Acid Ambient Vol. 1’

Daniel Araya


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