Bourgeois Speedball: Red Threads

Now it's time for something different, something outside the box. A breathe of fresh air called Bourgeois Speedball, in its current form, consisting of Katsy Pline and Danny Lewis. It is one performance wing of the Field Recording Working Group, a group focused on listening to and recording soundscapes of struggle in the Bay Area. We are premiering their album 'Red Threads' in an unconventional way: we asked them to present the record themselves.

Degenerate Art

Today we welcome a new column on Sounds Of A Tired City: Subjective Streets. Here is the first guest piece by Raphael Shklarek. "I recently read an article posted on Femmecult entitled “Fascism in Ambient Music” by Evelyn Malinowski. Immediately I was irritated and intrigued, since I am both a big lover of ambient music and a big opponent of fascism. As the article unfolded I was more and more astonished at the bigotry it was based on. What you are about to read in this commentary is my personal opinion on the issues that the original essay tackles, namely industrial, ambient and techno music and its relationship towards fascist, brutalist aesthetics. It will further open up the discussion to the role and position of music and art in general."