Faitiche: Jan Jelinek

Faitiche is a German label launched by Jan Jelinek in 2008. This year is an excellent one for Faitiche as 'Schaum', Jan Jelinek's collaboration with Masayoshi Fujita was recently released and Andrew Pekler’s ‘Tristes Tropiques’ is planned to follow in the beginning of November. We spoke to Jan about the new releases, the history of Faitiche and all things label-related. He also made a guest mix featuring some delightful pieces from the Faitiche discography.

Denovali: Timo Alterauge

Denovali is an independent music label founded by Timo Alterauge and Thomas Hack in 2005. Not focusing on any specific genre, the Denovali roster varies from from ambient, electronica, experimental, drone to jazz, modern composition and sound art. Throughout the years they brought us fantastic artists like Bersarin Quartett, Birds of Passage, Saffronkeira, Ricardo Donoso, Petrels, Never Sol, Greg Haines, Field Rotation... and the list could go on! We had the chance to chat a bit with Timo about all things Denovali.

Room40: Lawrence English

In 2015, Australian-based experimental music label Room40 celebrates 15 years of activities with a series of curated evenings across the globe. We were lucky enough to be able to take part in these evenings in Stockholm, a project humbly organised by John Chantler, who's also one of the core members of the Room40 family. For this occasion we asked Lawrence to talk about the history of the label and also prepare a fantastic guest mix featuring only Room40 releases. What a lucky coincidence that this happens to be the 40th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City.

Alien Transistor: Markus Acher

Alien Transistor was founded in 2003 by Markus and Micha Acher from The Notwist. The label's concept is quite an interesting one: to produce music that has a musical or personal relation to the Notwist-microcosm. From electronic soundscapes through abstract hip-hop to laptop-treated contemporary, from processed oriental music to Nick Drake-inspired-songwriting: Alien Transistor doesn’t respect any musical boundaries.

Gizeh Records: Richard Knox

Gizeh Records is an independent label based in Manchester, UK. Founded by Richard Knox in Leeds, 2004 and focusing on a fiercely DIY ethic, Gizeh has grown with its artists over the years to form a strong community of musicians and artists from around the world, most of them collaborating together over the years across various projects, helping the label and those involved progress and evolve in an organic, inspiring and galvanising way.

Dronarivm: Dmitry Taldykin & Bartosz Dziadosz

Dronarivm is a Moscow-based independent label founded in 2012. Managed by Dmitry Taldykin and curated by Bartosz Dziadosz aka Pleq, the label focuses on contemporary ambient and modern classical music. Considering the label's young age the roster features numerous illustrious ambient artists such as Celer, Machinefabriek, Pillowdiver, Aaron Martin, Christoph Berg, Offthesky, Strom Noir etc. While Dmitry took care of the words, Bartosz was taking care of the sounds and prepared a guest mix featuring some of their favourite tracks from the Dronarivm discography.

Sonic Pieces: Monique Recknagel

Sonic Pieces is a boutique record label from Berlin, founded and thoughtfully managed by Monique Recknagel. They have always been focusing on quality over quantity, therefore every carefully selected release comes as a limited edition in genuine packaging, hand-crafted with locally produced and designed material. Mostly focusing on neo-classical and ambient music, they have been working with musicians such as Deaf Center (Erik K. Skodvin, Otto A. Totland), Kreng, Nils Frahm, Greg Haines, Dustin O'Halloran, Hauschka, Hildur Guðnadóttir...

Home Normal: Ian Hawgood

Home Normal is a relatively young and small independent 'organic-minimal-electronic-folk' record label based in Nakajuku, Tokyo, Japan and every now and then London. The five-years-old label is curated by Ian Hawgood, co-run with Ben Jones, with design assistance from Jeremy Bible and Christian Roth. However, Home Normal is not just any kind of sound factory. Ian personally takes care of every minuscule detail that might seem invisible to the listeners at first... but once you've held a record done in their magical laboratory, you are going to remain faithful to the end.

Morr Music – Thomas Morr: A goodbye kiss from Björk on my right cheek and such memories

Morr Music merges electronic and indie musical disciplines, so that many consider the label to have invented its own genre. With more than 130 albums in their catalogue, Morr Music is a label that truly has something for everyone. In our in-depth interview with label founder Thomas Morr you will able to find out everything you always wanted to know about Morr Music and the secret of running an extremely successful label. Thomas also prepared an exclusive mixtape for Sounds Of A Tired City, full of delicious pieces released on Morr Music.

n5MD: Mike Cadoo

n5MD is an independent record label based in Oakland, California. The label is run by Mike Cadoo and primarily releases electronic music which focuses more on melody and emotion. We've asked Mike to participate in our label Q&A session, since besides curating and supporting quality music, he produces music himself... and let's admit there are not too many labels around who first started to release music on MiniDiscs. Mike explained the story of this extinct format, the emotional vision behind his record label and he also delighted us with a mix composed exclusively of pieces released on n5MD.

Constellation Tatsu: Steven Ramsey

Constellation Tatsu is an extremely young and relatively small independent label from Oakland, California. The man behind this exquisite collection of quiescent ambience is Steven Ramsey. During these two years, since the birth of Constellation Tatsu he thoughtfully managed to gather Celer, Hakobune, Cankun, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, White Poppy, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel and Jonas Reinhardt under the same roof.

Preservation: Andrew Khedoori

For many of us, Australia might seem to be extremely far off, exotic and almost unreachable. Obviously, it has a great deal of specialities to offer, nature and adventure at its best – plus they have Andrew Khedoori as well. Andrew is the founder of Preservation, a record label based in Sydney since 2001, releasing suave melodies from all around the world. While making the whole planet a timeless, little cozy place, where distances don't really matter anymore, he took his time to talk to Sounds Of A Tired City about the importance of design, their vision and concept and he also prepared an extraordinary mix.

Serein / Huw Roberts: You can’t guess what’s next

Serein is an archaic word meaning 'the supposed fall of dew from a clear sky right after sunset'. However, nowadays we identify this delicate dew as Huw Robert's exceptional record label based in Wales. Huw – the heart, brain and ear of Serein – shared some thoughts with Sounds Of A Tired City regarding his artistic background and genuine love towards music and creativity.

Hibernate Recordings: Jonathan Lees

"A few years before I started the label I bought a CDr release from a Swedish label, it came in a fat plastic case with a small print and a white top CDr with no print. The CDr was actually blank and when I emailed the label about it, they laughed and promised to send another, it never came. This fuelled me to kick start Hibernate and to try and make something that people who buy it will appreciate it."

Students Of Decay: Alex Cobb

Students Of Decay is a record label founded and curated by Alex Cobb, based in San Diego, California. Since 2005 it became the home of various drone, ambient, improvisational releases, representing artists such as Natural Snow Buildings, Fabio Orsi, Pausal, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Kyle Bobby Dunn and one of the most exciting projects at this time, Secret Pyramid. Alex told us everything that you need to know about Students Of Decay.