Best of 2016: Part #2 (44-34)

December 27, 2016

The beat goes on: less text, more music. We picked 55 albums that we’ve really enjoyed this year and we’re illustrating them with a GIF + one track we think you should start with! They are all amazing records, so nevermind the numbers – we just love countdowns so much. 


Part #1: 55-45

#44. Negative Gemini: Body Work

[100% Electronica]

#43. Trevino: Front


#42. $$$TAG$$$: Crowd Surfing

[Opal Tapes]

#41. Wacław Zimpel: Lines

[Instant Classic]

#40. Asok: A Mind Forever Voyaging

[Crème Organization]

#39. VAPERROR: Acid Arcadia

[PLUS100 Records]

#38. Body Sculptures: A Body Turns to Eden

[Posh Isolation]

#37. Kris Wadsworth: Infiltrator


#36. Sound of Ceres: Nostalgia For Infinity

[Joyful Noise Recordings]

#35. Bjarki: Lefhanded Fuqs


#34. Mats Erlandsson: Selective Miracles

[Posh Isolation]


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