Be the Sound of the Tired City!

January 26, 2016

Do you like electronic music? Like REALLY?

Do you find it easy to put two or even three words together to form a sentence?

Do you feel like even sharing these words with others?

Do you often go to performances and concerts and want to talk about them afterwards?  

Are you up-to-date with new music releases and effortlessly find your way in the jungle of current labels and upcoming artists?

If the answer is YES: would you like to join the Sounds Of A Tired City team and be the one asking all the questions?

If the answer is NO, the question is: do you know someone whose answer would be YES?

Be the Sound of the Tired City!

We are looking for a curious intern to join our team and help us with interviews, event reviews and other relevant and fun content for our website. We don’t care about your whereabouts, the most important thing is that you love writing and sharing your ideas, you are innovative and want to gain some (more) experience in music journalism within our platform.

Sounds interesting? Send your CV and a creative covering letter to (it would not hurt if you could also send us a taste of your previous written work, obviously). You will hear from us shortly if we think you’d be the perfect match!

Application deadline: 1st March.


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