Watch/Read/Travel: Lau Nau

April 5, 2017
Instead of picking all-time favourites, I picked a theme I have been thinking of a lot lately: immigration, being forced to leave home, staying at home at hard times or searching for a better life. These books and films happen to look at the theme from a historically European point of view, creating one type of narrative to this issue.



Edgar Reitz: Heimat II (the tv-series) (1984 – )
Jan Troell: Utvandrarna / The Emigrants (1971)



Harry Martinson: Vägen till klockrike / The Road (1948)
Irène Némirovsky: Suite française (2004)
Goliarda Sapienza: L’arte della gioia / The Art Of Joy (1996)
Vilhelm Moberg: Utvandrarna / The Emigrants (1949)




In 2002 me and my companion traveled in Morocco, from Tangier and Marrakesh to Zagora and further south on our way to the desert. Our travel guide book told us that there’s an artist run accommodation in the middle of nowhere, so we decided to take a cab which left us by a small fortress-like clay house, literally in the middle of nowhere.
It was a lovely stay, we met the artists and their son who wore bright blue tuareg clothing. They had a monkey pet that almost bit me because I got too near. The night winds slowly accumulated sand to our room through the window during the night. I have wondered what was the place and who were the artists.
I somehow lost the travel guide book and have not found any information about the place, it seems like a dream. After that night we traveled to see the desert and that’s another story. But today I finally found one of the artists’ name, Fatima Hassan El-Farouj, though still no info about the place we were at. It feels like a dream already.


During the whole travel there were a few issues that still bother me when I think of it afterwards. The biggest one is the fact that me and my companion could travel free to Morocco, but the Moroccans couldn’t enter Europe without visas that are hard to get. Our everyday meetings with locals culminated often to the question if we could help them to get a visa. When we took the boat back to Spain, there was a happy group of young Moroccans who had gotten a permission to travel, and they were actually so happy that they took two disposable cameras full of photos with us just during the short boat trip. A happy moment which at the same time reminded us how unfair politics between countries can be.



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