VIDEO PREMIERE: Sonae – I Know A Fish (Cétieu Remix)

June 22, 2016

Sonia Güttler aka Sonae released her debut album ‘Far Away Is Right Around The Corner’ on Monika Enterprise last year. ‘Far Away… Remixed’ was released on June 10th and it contains 4 special remixes of the original tracks accompanied by 4 music videos. We have the pleasure to introduce you to Cétieu‘s version of ‘I Know A Fish’, which comes together with Alisa Berger‘s experimental film collage.

For this remix edition Sonae took a glance back to reflect on her debut album and asked four musicians (Mimicof, Markus GuentnerDirk Markham and Cétieu) to reimagine her work. Even the original album’s artwork was remixed by Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic, featuring Phrau Pham‘s drawing. Complicated as it might sound, the concept of this interdisciplinary project is quite straightforward: to take every bit and piece of the original and shift it towards a new direction… far away but still right around the corner! Cétieu’s interpretation offers a new depth of tranquility to ‘I Know A Fish’ without fracturing the calming qualities of the original one, while the video… well, why don’t you check it out for yourself? You might see a familiar face or two in there! 



Besides being responsible for creating some of the most ephemeral sounds in Cologne (Germany), organising concerts and doing various performances, Sonae is a Master’s student at The Institute for Popular Music at the Folkwang University of the Arts. We are profoundly thankful to her, since she also does a massive amount of work when it comes to supporting fellow female electronic artists and just strengthening the community day by day. Keep up the great work!


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