Sounds Of A Tired City #9: Olan Mill

June 18, 2014

Olan Mill is positively one of the most outstanding modern classical ambient drone projects of our decade. Depending on your current mood, Alex Smalley (also half of Pausal, together with Simon Bainton) constantly manages to lift you up to inconceivable heights or push you down to hitherto non-existent depths. For your listening pleasure, this time he has compiled something different than what you might actually expect.

“Forever loyal to album format these songs tend to belong outside any bigger picture and form part of my EP, remix and demo collection (of course the odd album track did slip in there too!). Any overall theme or context feels slightly redundant, this is an eclectic mix that is so specific to my tastes and experience, I hope it’s not lost on anyone listening. Thanks for listening, hope that you find something new to explore…” (Olan Mill for Sounds Of A Tired City)

Sounds Of A Tired City #9: Olan Mill


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