Sounds Of A Tired City #48: Aria Rostami

March 16, 2016

Coming from San Francisco, Aria Rostami’s music shares the same ebb and flow of his hilly and foggy city. With influences from ambient to IDM, classical to noise, and Persian traditional to Japanese contemporary, Rostami’s work will either hit a note you like or an idea you’d want to explore. Nothing proves this better than the mix he did for us where traditional sounds walk hand in hand with the most experimental notes. 

Sounds Of A Tired City #48: Aria Rostami

Aria also just released his new album on Spring Theory entitled ‘Agnys’, “an intensely personal and introspective reflection on friendship, loss and rebirth in our hyper-connected society. A rumination on a collaborative project started with Rostami’s now deceased production partner, roommate, and friend Shawn Dickerson, it utilizes a melodic and ambient techno sound palette to take the listener on a journey that touches on the uncanny permanence that information technology lends to the tragic fragility of the human experience.” (Tailored Communication)

Check out his eclectic mix first, then head over to Bandcamp to listen to the album as well!


01. Secret Chiefs 3 – Book T: Exodus
02. Floating Points – Nespole
03. Aria Rostami – A Square Tablet Strewn With Dust
04. Alva Noto & Opiate – Opto File 1
05. Pan Sonic – Vaihtovirta
06. Aria Rostami – Soroban
07. Pastor T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir – Nobody Knows
08. Sote – Helix


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