Sounds Of A Tired City #26: Dronarivm

February 16, 2015

Dronarivm is a Moscow-based independent label founded in 2012. Managed by Dmitry Taldykin and curated by Bartosz Dziadosz aka Pleq, the label focuses on contemporary ambient and modern classical music. Considering the label’s young age the roster features numerous illustrious ambient artists such as Celer, Machinefabriek, Pillowdiver, Aaron Martin, Christoph Berg, Offthesky, Strom Noir etc.

Last year was an exceptionally fruitful one for Dronarivm as  they surprised us with releases such as Porya Hatami ‘The Garden‘, Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra ‘Drowning In The Sky‘, Giulio Aldinucci ‘Aer‘, Marcus Fjellström‘s long-awaited ‘Lichtspiel Mutation 2 : Alechsis‘ and Marsen Jules‘ epic ‘Sinfonietta‘. This year is not going to be any worse either as it started with Offthesky’s new album ‘Light Loss‘. As you might have noticed Dronarivm never sleeps, so we spoke to Dmitry Taldykin to find out a bit more about the history and current activities of this dynamic Russian label. While Dmitry took care of the words, Bartosz was taking care of the sounds and prepared a guest mix featuring some of their favourite tracks from the Dronarivm discography. 

Read our interview HERE.

Sounds Of A Tired City #26: Dronarivm


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