PREMIERE: Gnork – Sexxxx In Space (Gnork Exxxxtra Dream mix)

September 7, 2017

Time for something sexxxxy and spacyyyy from the secret underground house area. Gnork and Luv*Jam have been working together for more than 5-6 years now, doing lots of gigs, remixes, collaborative EPs, appearing on various compilations. They have always worked a little bit more than what they let us think, accumulating tons of unreleased gems. The time has come to reveal some hidden goodies and we’re proud to be premiering one of these secret blorpers from their new EP ‘Bonus Blorps’, out on Crow Castle Cuts.

The original Blorp93 yellow vinyl surfaced in 2013 and was championed by the likes of RVDS, Bradley Zero, DVS1 and Wolf Music. Since this time, there have been a few secret cuts floating around here and there, some of which lots of people were ‘demanding’ to be pressed. Your prayers have been listened, those very secret Blorpers are here on one precise 12″, and for starters you can listen to ‘Sexxxx in Space’ from Gnork’s infamous Lost In Budapest Mixtape. Luv*Jam completes the secret space circle with some special dream nips. Listen to the first track in full-length here and make sure you do your shopping on Juno in time before it’s too late. 



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