PREMIERE: Bruno Bavota – Who Loves, Lives

March 13, 2015

Bruno Bavota is a Neapolitan pianist and composer – a romantic at heart. He invites his listeners to drown their sorrows in a beautifully shimmering sea of notes. Bavota’s songs walk the thin line between emotional, calm and accessible. He pours all of his personality into his music – Bavota’s works surely breathe authenticity. He’s not just playing notes, he’s speaking through them. The sun, the moon, the stars, the sea: all remain constant, like true love. (Lovely description taken from A Closer Listen.)

We are proud and happy to premiere one of the most beautiful songs and Bruno’s personal favourite from his new album ‘Mediterraneo’, which is going to be released on Dronarivm, 25 May 2015. Ladies and gentlemen: ‘Who Loves, Lives’. 

‘Mediterraneo’ is an ode to the joy of sharing emotions. Following his flowing inspiration, Bavota recorded ‘Mediterraneo’ in one day and totally in the dark, an experiment done at home alone and then represented during his Winter Tour last January. Bavota tried to bring people in his room to let them feel his own emotions and make harmony within the souls. He includes warm moments such as the sound of the autumn rain or hammers played with felt.The lyrical romanticism expressed through the piano is amply present in his new record, his music feels warmer and more expansive than anything he has done before.


Mediterraneo has nothing to do with the sea.
Mediterraneo means warmth, the flame of the soul, which keeps us alive.
Mediterraneo means light, the light of the heart, the only spark that can enlighten darkness.
Mediterraneo is love at its highest moment, cosmic love, the one kind of love that connects but doesn’t merge.
Mediterraneo is sharing, the natural act that makes us human and lets us embrace each other.
Mediterraneo is chasing…dreams, expectations, contentions…but above all it’s chasing truth, as the fulfillment of one own inimitable song.


Bruno Bavota: Mediterraneo











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