Page #22. Yasume – Where We’re From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song

October 17, 2014

Since the gum we like is going to come back in style, it’s quite appropriate to celebrate with an album that refers to the cult series Twin Peaks when it comes both to its title and vivid cover.

However, that is how far it goes when it comes to the Twin Peaks atmosphere of Yasume – the rest is all about multilayered glitch and playful beats. John Twells (Xela) and Gabriel Morley (Logreybeam) worked together as Yasume only for one album, which was released on City Centre Offices – a rather important label that unfortunately has been put to sleep a few years ago. Although it has nothing to do with the Badalamenti-esque string score, ‘Where We’re From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song’ perfectly works as a traditional IDM album, strongly reminiscent of the distinctive sounds of CiM.


Yasume - Where We're From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song

Artist: Yasume (John Twells, Gabriel Morley)
Title: Where We’re From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song
Label: City Centre Offices
Tags: Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Ambient
Format: CD, Vinyl
Release Date: 8 May, 2003
Design: 3form
Mastered By: Loop-o
Painting: Mike Estes




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