36: People see a lot of ambient music as something to help them sleep, but I’m trying my hardest to keep them awake

August 11, 2014

36 is the experimental (mainly) ambient project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom. Since 2008, the focus for the project has been to develop warm, hugely emotive loop-based compositions, with particular emphasis on melody and melancholic atmosphere. Dennis has his own label 3six Recordings, which serves as the perfect platform to publish his self-released works. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and talent to manage a project like this all alone, but Dennis seems to be extremely self-conscious and determined enough to overcome any obstacles and just let his music speak for itself. One month after releasing his 6th studio album – ‘Dream Tempest Sounds Of A Tired City wanted to know a little bit more about this successful one-man show, so we talked to Dennis to shed some light on the various types of creative processes and hardships behind 36.