Sounds Of A Tired City #71 - Shinichiro Yokota

Sounds Of A Tired City #71: Shinichiro Yokota

If you're not familiar with the Japanese genius Shinichiro Yokota's irresistible melodies, here's your chance to get a taste of it. Shinichiro Yokota, together with long-term friend and partner in crime with Soichi Terada, has been dominating and innovating the Japanese house scene for the last few decades.

Birdpeople (Photo: Nathalie Olsson)

VIDEO PREMIERE: Birdpeople – Flesh & Bone (Daniel Araya Remix)

Birdpeople are not exactly newcomers to the Swedish music scene, however they just released their self-titled debut EP in May 2018. Daniel Araya, our favourite local acid techno producer remixed the track entitled 'Flesh & Bone' from the experimental pop band's EP and we couldn't resist not to share it together with the accompanying video. 

Sounds Of A Tired City #70: Christina Vantzou & Clarice Jensen

Sounds Of A Tired City #70: Christina Vantzou & Clarice Jensen

Kranky's Christina Vantzou and Miasmah's Clarice Jensen teamed up to bring you a very special mix. They both selected tracks they wanted to include, weaving together personal bits and fragments, classical and experimental. They also walk us through the thought process of which one of them and why picked a particular piece in this eclectic selection that brings these two brilliant musicians together.

We Like We

VIDEO PREMIERE: We Like We – Next to the Entire All (Live session, Part II)

We Like We are a Danish experimental performance and sound quartet, consisting of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin), Josefine Opsahl (cello), Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion) and Katinka Fogh Vindelev (voice). Their second album, the harrowing yet mesmerising "Next to the Entire All" was released on Sonic Pieces in December 2017. They shot two beautiful videos at the release concert at The Village Recording Studio in Copenhagen, and we're honoured to premiere the second part of this immersive performance.

Impressions: Sónar Reykjavík 2018

Travelling with a sinusitis lurking around the corner is anything but fun. However, when you know you’re about to see a massive show by the legendary Underworld if you survive your flight, there is definitely something to look forward to. Between 16-17 March, Sónar Reykjavík managed to get together some major names in the world’s northernmost capital, and together with all the astonishing sights Iceland has to offer, this was one damn special event to remember.

Sónar Reykjavík 2018 (16-17 March)

It's almost time to kickstart Sónar Reykjavík, the festival that marks the beginning of Sónar's 25th anniversary celebrations. We will be heading to the Icelandic capital to take part in the festivities between 16-17 March, at one of Europe's most unique music venues, the Harpa Concert Hall. The line-up includes artists like Underworld, Ben Frost, Bjarki, Lorenzo Senni, Yagya, Lena Willikens and many more.

Sounds Of A Tired City #69: Koenraad Ecker

Koenraad Ecker's new solo record 'A Biology of Shadows' will be released on Friday (23 February), also marking the birth of his new label In Aulis. With the new album, Ecker dissects new sonic horizons and traverses into a more conceptual direction, where poetry, acoustic instrumentation and sound art converge. To match the anatomy of this extremely rich material, he created a guest mix featuring the likes of Morton Feldman, Jana Winderen, Iannis Xenakis + some exclusive unreleased material of his own.

Caural: My head has been exploding with ideas, so 2018 promises to be a shift back into sound

Zachary Mastoon aka Caural is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist. Together with his signature instrument, a Yamaha SU700 he made dozens of critically acclaimed releases on Chocolate Industries, Mush, Eat Concrete etc. The last Caural album was released almost a decade ago, so we had a chat to see what he's up to + asked him to create a mix. 45 tracks in 55 minutes, deconstructed masterpieces reconstructed, we reckon you will love it.

Miwon: 9 years of radio silence is such a long time

Miwon (aka Hendrik Kröz) makes soulful electronic music, balancing ambient textures, glitches and driving beats. He takes time to sculpt his tunes, until it's near impossible to pinpoint where the pop, techno and cinematic elements of his imagination shake hands. His third full-length album 'Jigsawtooth' was released earlier this year on n5MD, which is also the first Miwon release in 9 years. We had a chat with Hendrik about this long radio silence and all things music. 

Kryshe: I want a narrative thread to my music with space for improvisation and variety

Christian Grothe is a German multi-instrumentalist releasing music under the moniker Kryshe. His main instruments are piano, trumpet and guitar which are fed through various digital effects and processors to transform their sound. His last release 'Insights' was released on Unperceived Records; a still, introspective body of work. He has an album forthcoming on Serein called 'March Of The Mysterious', out September 22nd. We sat down to talk to him about the album and his process and we even have a track to premiere ahead the release. 

PREMIERE: Gnork – Sexxxx In Space (Gnork Exxxxtra Dream mix)

Time for something sexxxxy and spacyyyy from the secret underground house area. Gnork and Luv*Jam have been working together for more than 5-6 years now, doing lots of gigs, remixes, collaborative EPs, appearing on various compilations. They have always worked a little bit more than what they let us think, accumulating tons of unreleased gems. The time has come to reveal some hidden goodies and we're proud to be premiering one of these secret blorpers from their new EP 'Bonus Blorps'.

Sounds Of A Tired City #67: Oiseaux-Tempête

The French collective Oiseaux-Tempête's (Frédéric D. Oberland and Stéphane Pigneul) latest ambitious project 'AL​-​'AN ! الآن (And your night is your shadow — a fairy​-​tale piece of land to make our dreams)' was partly recorded in Beirut with local musicians and artists like Mondkopf, Charbel Haber, Sharif Sehnaoui, G.W. Sok, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, intertwining a wide range of acoustic and electronic genres. In the footsteps of this epic collaborative record, they created a special mixtape entitled 'Wa Habibi - Middle-East Sonic Love', featuring some of the finest Middle-Eastern sounds and tracks from the artists they collaborated with on the new album. 

Bottenvikens Silverkyrka: Listening and dancing together to techno music is one of the more spiritually fulfilling things

It's always super exciting to present local artists who haven't conquered the world yet but got all the potential to take over one day. Hailing from Northern Sweden, Ludvig Widman and Andréas Brännström go under the name of Bottenvikens Silverkyrka and preach some quirky acid techno with synths and drum machines. In order to give you a proper introduction, we had a chat with the energetic duo who also put together a trippy mix for your listening pleasures.

Norbergfestival 2017: A Labour of Love for Audiovisual Miners

The 18th edition of Norbergfestival was held between 27-30 July. Norberg is somehow totally out of time and space, a tiny forgotten Swedish town with a rich industrial heritage dating back as far as the 6th century, where iron ore mining once used to be the main activity and provided jobs for most of the inhabitants up until 1981, when it was no longer deemed profitable. After the depression kicked in and life slowly disappeared, Norbergfestival has put the town back on the map, starting in 1999. All in all, Norberg was industrial way before industrial was cool (hello Berlin!).

Roll The Dice: Somebody just happy-go-lucky laying in a swimming pool

Swedish duo Roll The Dice, consisting of Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon, recently released their 4th full-length record 'Born to Ruin' on The New Black. Together they take their aesthetic to a whole new level, stripped to the bone, spiced up with jazz and curious electronics. We met them to chat about everything you wanted to know about the new record but didn't dare to ask.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson – Ceramic Relic

Miasmah Recordings recently released "Negative Chambers", a collaborative project between Berlin-based Yair Elazar Glotman and Stockholm-based Mats Erlandsson, which «draws on their respective musical backgrounds to create an imaginary, dislocated "folk" music for the current dark ages».  We are premiering the video made for the track "Ceramic Relic" taken from the album. The video and the paintings were made by Laslo Antal who's also member of the dark wave band Sixth June.

Ametsub: There is so much music that uses glitchy piano as the main resource, so I am staying away from that

Only few musicians can transit through the music scene like Ametsub has done over the last 10 years. We spoke to him about the early stages of his career in Tokyo, the importance of challenging conformity, the Arctic Circle as a main aesthetic resource, his relationship with international audiences in live performances, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and his new instrument called Giant Mbira.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: Feelings are engraved in the groove of the vinyl

Kompakt & Pop Ambient legend Leandro Fresco teamed up for the first time with our favourite Rafael Anton Irisarri (Room40, Ghostly) for a ravishing album 'La Equidistancia' on A Strangely Isolated Place. We spoke to the ambient giants about their first collaborative record, working together while being thousands of miles away and letting go of controlling everything.

Yves De Mey: The only thing that could help is that people start buying music again

Antwerp-based producer Yves De Mey has his roots in sound design and scoring for performing arts, film and installations. He released on Line, Sandwell District, Opal Tapes and Modal Analysis. He is also one half of Sendai with Peter Van Hoesen. His main tools are an ever-growing modular analog rig and some vintage synths, combined with an avid interest in audio manipulation. We had a chat with Yves about synths, inspirations, Sendai, the Belgian music scene and the Intonal Festival, where he recently performed both solo and with Sendai.

Watch/Read/Travel: Chris Cobilis

"I could throw out my entire CD collection - but without the object would I ever think to listen to that album again? Kondo would argue that I didn't need to, since it was in the past... but I'm not sure that who I am now isn't dependent on occasionally remembering who I was."

INTONAL 2017: You never want to go home

Intonal, taking place for the third year, is a barometer indicating the state of new electronic music, most importantly in the fields of sound art and the more experimental sides of club music. Many of the artists on this year's roster are explorers in timbre, frequency and acoustic states, often times in live sets that appear to be created in the moment, which is however not the case. Everything is meticulously planned. Here is Curt Lundberg's review of the festival!

INTONAL 2017: Marlena Lampinen Mix & Festival Recommendations

Marlena Lampinen is a visual artist as well as a sound artist and DJ based in Stockholm. She’s known for releasing eclectic mixtapes, ranging from frail and beautiful soundscapes to more body and mind-twisting waves and beats. Marlena will play at this year's Intonal Festival in Malmö – which starts today! She will play on Friday 8PM in the Red Light Lounge. As a warm-up, she made a special mix for us and she also shared 5 recommendations of great acts you shouldn't miss at Intonal.

INTONAL 2017: Interview with Finn of Tomland

There is no Intonal Festival without Finn Albertsson aka Finn of Tomland. He's been an electronic/dub/experimental DJ since 1994 and if someone knows how to put together a proper DJ set, he's the man. He also runs his own label SonuoS, so by reading our special feature you are not only going to get an in-depth interview with the legendary Finn and some proper insights into Intonal but also a special track 'Woot!' by A.O.T played at 33rpm – courtesy of SonuoS.

5 tracks that Vladimir Ivkovic might or might not play at Intonal Festival

One week left until the splendid Intonal Experimental Music Festival starts in Malmö – it's time for a little warm-up. We asked Vladimir Ivkovic, one of the performing artists to give us a taste of what you might or might not hear during his DJ set on 28th April. Just to be on the safe side, go and find out for yourself!

PREMIERE: Selffish – As The Leaves Fall

Serein presents their first release for 2017 by Latvian artist Andrejs Eigus aka Selffish. The Welsh label is known for carefully curating their roster, quality always over quantity – and this is not different in this case either. 'He She Them Us' is a remarkable aural work with a strong storytelling. It will be released on 21st April and we are now premiering a previously unheard mysterious gem from the album to introduce you to the magical word of Selffish.

Henning Schmiedt & Christoph Berg: All thoughts about concepts and ideas have to come to an end when you finally play music

Henning Schmiedt and Christoph Berg recently teamed up for a collaborative release on flau. 'bei' was released 14th April and it's not only an intimate and versatile record with full of playful surprises but also the celebration of trust and open-mindedness. We had a chat about their improvisational collaboration, challenges, self-discovery and future plans.

TRAILER VIDEO: Ellen Arkbro – for organ and brass [Subtext]

For the latest Subtext Recordings release from Ellen Arkbro, the Swedish electronic musician/sound artist/composer is experimenting with intonation, tuning and harmonic modulation through her Organ and Brass composition. The record is being released today and you can watch the trailer video for the album.

Watch/Read/Travel: Lau Nau

Instead of picking all-time favourites, I picked a theme I have been thinking of a lot lately: immigration, being forced to leave home, staying at home at hard times or searching for a better life. These books and films happen to look at the theme from a historically European point of view, creating one type of narrative to this issue.

Talent Bazaar: József Iszlai

Let's visit Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), a city we never really mentioned before. Here, in the heart of Transylvania, lives József Iszlai, a young man who's been working with sound design for more than 9 years. One of his latest projects entitled ‘Our Environment Remixed’ was born from a really exciting concept. He created different types of electronic music from field recordings he's captured in Cluj-Napoca. We figured this was the perfect timing for a chat with him, to catch a glimpse of how things are done in this fairly unknown corner of Europe.

INTONAL: Experimental Music Festival, 27-30 April 2017, Malmö

Finding festivals in Sweden with a proper line-up - when it comes to experimental electronic music - is still not the easiest task. However, there are a few more than trustworthy events every year, which never seem to disappoint. One of them is Intonal Festival in Malmö, which celebrates its 3rd edition this year with an immense line-up. We teamed up with them to bring you closer to the artists via interviews, guest mixes etc.

Talent Bazaar: Abnormal Projection

Born on Halloween in Transylvania, currently based in Oxford, UK, Hungarian producer Máthé Szabolcs, the man behind Abnormal Projection records a mixture of atmospheric, ambient, laidback tunes that he fine-tuned throughout the past few years from playing acoustic guitar to laying down some seriously mellow, sometimes dark beats.

Sounds Of A Tired City #63: Daniel Araya

It's really something out of the ordinary when Swedish acid overlord Daniel Araya makes a DJ mix. He picked some of his favourite tracks and the result speaks for itself. We only wish it would be the 303th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City, but hopefully he will be up for another one soon.

Sounds Of A Tired City #62: Tristan Eckerson

Tristan Eckerson combines his eclectic musical inspirations and experiences and narrows his focus to solo piano compositions. He has recently released his first ever full-length album 'Trozo' on the 1631 Recordings. Tristan will soon be touring internationally, so watch out for his name in a venue near you. Until then, enjoy this ravishing mix he created for Sounds Of A Tired City and read a few thoughts on the idea behind the selection and his plans for this year!

Alec Empire: I don’t like trial and error stuff. Maybe I am too German when it comes to that.

Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot, Mille Plateaux) scored the German/French full-length motion picture 'Volt', directed by Tarek Ehlail. The film premiered in the German theaters in the beginning of the month, and now Dependent Records has released the soundtrack to live its own life. We had a little chat with Alec about scoring this rather fascinating piece of art and everything that lies beyond. You can also listen to one of the most epic tracks from the album.

Marcus Fjellström: The gray area between the acoustic and the electronic is my favourite field to play around in

We're back in business! So is Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström who resurrected after a six-years-long absence on Miasmah with an eerie new record 'Skelektikon'. We figured it was the perfect timing to chat with him about all the skeletons in his closet – all you need to know about the new record, how to avoid album titles Rammstein would use, the perks of being a DIY filmmaker and the latest adventures of moving to London to score an AMC thriller series.

Best of 2016: Final Part (11-1)

Here are our 11 favourite albums from last year. Agree, disagree but never stop listening and discovering.

Best of 2016: Part #4 (22-12)

Welcome this new year with another batch of fantastic records from last year. Now we can be sure that there won't be any releases sneaking in after our list have been finalized. Although most certainly we have missed lots of gems that didn't make it on this list, just like every year. But let's enjoy those that did make it.

Best of 2016: Part #3 (33-23)

Here is the third batch of the selected records we've really enjoyed this year. 11 more fantastic albums to dig in.

Best of 2016: Part #2 (44-34)

The beat goes on: less text, more music. We picked 55 albums that we've really enjoyed this year and we're illustrating them with a GIF + one track we think you should start with! They are all amazing records, so nevermind the numbers – we just love countdowns so much.

Best of 2016: Part #1 (55-45)

This year we are doing this whole thing a bit differently. Less text, more music. It's been a strange year, we did not have time to listen to even 0,1% (or even less?) of all the released goods, but that doesn't mean we don't have our favourites. We do and here they are.

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Araya – Acid Ambient 6 (Filter Dub Version)

The festive holiday season is upon us, and with it comes endless money-spending, gifts that no one will ever use, lack of snow, infinite amount of food, family and the thing that unites us all: music! So here is a useful present from us to you, an acid ambient track from Daniel Araya, which he created exclusively for Sounds Of A Tired City. This piece is part of the same series of tracks that he recently released on Kontra-Musik, but it's a special, slowed down and filtered version.