INTONAL 2017: Marlena Lampinen Mix & Festival Recommendations

Marlena Lampinen is a visual artist as well as a sound artist and DJ based in Stockholm. She’s known for releasing eclectic mixtapes, ranging from frail and beautiful soundscapes to more body and mind-twisting waves and beats. Marlena will play at this year's Intonal Festival in Malmö – which starts today! She will play on Friday 8PM in the Red Light Lounge. As a warm-up, she made a special mix for us and she also shared 5 recommendations of great acts you shouldn't miss at Intonal.

INTONAL 2017: Interview with Finn of Tomland

There is no Intonal Festival without Finn Albertsson aka Finn of Tomland. He's been an electronic/dub/experimental DJ since 1994 and if someone knows how to put together a proper DJ set, he's the man. He also runs his own label SonuoS, so by reading our special feature you are not only going to get an in-depth interview with the legendary Finn and some proper insights into Intonal but also a special track 'Woot!' by A.O.T played at 33rpm – courtesy of SonuoS.

5 tracks that Vladimir Ivkovic might or might not play at Intonal Festival

One week left until the splendid Intonal Experimental Music Festival starts in Malmö – it's time for a little warm-up. We asked Vladimir Ivkovic, one of the performing artists to give us a taste of what you might or might not hear during his DJ set on 28th April. Just to be on the safe side, go and find out for yourself!

PREMIERE: Selffish – As The Leaves Fall

Serein presents their first release for 2017 by Latvian artist Andrejs Eigus aka Selffish. The Welsh label is known for carefully curating their roster, quality always over quantity – and this is not different in this case either. 'He She Them Us' is a remarkable aural work with a strong storytelling. It will be released on 21st April and we are now premiering a previously unheard mysterious gem from the album to introduce you to the magical word of Selffish.

Henning Schmiedt & Christoph Berg: All thoughts about concepts and ideas have to come to an end when you finally play music

Henning Schmiedt and Christoph Berg recently teamed up for a collaborative release on flau. 'bei' was released 14th April and it's not only an intimate and versatile record with full of playful surprises but also the celebration of trust and open-mindedness. We had a chat about their improvisational collaboration, challenges, self-discovery and future plans.

TRAILER VIDEO: Ellen Arkbro – for organ and brass [Subtext]

For the latest Subtext Recordings release from Ellen Arkbro, the Swedish electronic musician/sound artist/composer is experimenting with intonation, tuning and harmonic modulation through her Organ and Brass composition. The record is being released today and you can watch the trailer video for the album.

Watch/Read/Travel: Lau Nau

Instead of picking all-time favourites, I picked a theme I have been thinking of a lot lately: immigration, being forced to leave home, staying at home at hard times or searching for a better life. These books and films happen to look at the theme from a historically European point of view, creating one type of narrative to this issue.

Talent Bazaar: József Iszlai

Let's visit Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár), a city we never really mentioned before. Here, in the heart of Transylvania, lives József Iszlai, a young man who's been working with sound design for more than 9 years. One of his latest projects entitled ‘Our Environment Remixed’ was born from a really exciting concept. He created different types of electronic music from field recordings he's captured in Cluj-Napoca. We figured this was the perfect timing for a chat with him, to catch a glimpse of how things are done in this fairly unknown corner of Europe.

INTONAL: Experimental Music Festival, 27-30 April 2017, Malmö

Finding festivals in Sweden with a proper line-up - when it comes to experimental electronic music - is still not the easiest task. However, there are a few more than trustworthy events every year, which never seem to disappoint. One of them is Intonal Festival in Malmö, which celebrates its 3rd edition this year with an immense line-up. We teamed up with them to bring you closer to the artists via interviews, guest mixes etc.

Talent Bazaar: Abnormal Projection

Born on Halloween in Transylvania, currently based in Oxford, UK, Hungarian producer Máthé Szabolcs, the man behind Abnormal Projection records a mixture of atmospheric, ambient, laidback tunes that he fine-tuned throughout the past few years from playing acoustic guitar to laying down some seriously mellow, sometimes dark beats.

Sounds Of A Tired City #63: Daniel Araya

It's really something out of the ordinary when Swedish acid overlord Daniel Araya makes a DJ mix. He picked some of his favourite tracks and the result speaks for itself. We only wish it would be the 303th guest mix on Sounds Of A Tired City, but hopefully he will be up for another one soon.

Sounds Of A Tired City #62: Tristan Eckerson

Tristan Eckerson combines his eclectic musical inspirations and experiences and narrows his focus to solo piano compositions. He has recently released his first ever full-length album 'Trozo' on the 1631 Recordings. Tristan will soon be touring internationally, so watch out for his name in a venue near you. Until then, enjoy this ravishing mix he created for Sounds Of A Tired City and read a few thoughts on the idea behind the selection and his plans for this year!

Alec Empire: I don’t like trial and error stuff. Maybe I am too German when it comes to that.

Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot, Mille Plateaux) scored the German/French full-length motion picture 'Volt', directed by Tarek Ehlail. The film premiered in the German theaters in the beginning of the month, and now Dependent Records has released the soundtrack to live its own life. We had a little chat with Alec about scoring this rather fascinating piece of art and everything that lies beyond. You can also listen to one of the most epic tracks from the album.

Marcus Fjellström: The gray area between the acoustic and the electronic is my favourite field to play around in

We're back in business! So is Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström who resurrected after a six-years-long absence on Miasmah with an eerie new record 'Skelektikon'. We figured it was the perfect timing to chat with him about all the skeletons in his closet – all you need to know about the new record, how to avoid album titles Rammstein would use, the perks of being a DIY filmmaker and the latest adventures of moving to London to score an AMC thriller series.

Best of 2016: Final Part (11-1)

Here are our 11 favourite albums from last year. Agree, disagree but never stop listening and discovering.

Best of 2016: Part #4 (22-12)

Welcome this new year with another batch of fantastic records from last year. Now we can be sure that there won't be any releases sneaking in after our list have been finalized. Although most certainly we have missed lots of gems that didn't make it on this list, just like every year. But let's enjoy those that did make it.

Best of 2016: Part #3 (33-23)

Here is the third batch of the selected records we've really enjoyed this year. 11 more fantastic albums to dig in.

Best of 2016: Part #2 (44-34)

The beat goes on: less text, more music. We picked 55 albums that we've really enjoyed this year and we're illustrating them with a GIF + one track we think you should start with! They are all amazing records, so nevermind the numbers – we just love countdowns so much.

Best of 2016: Part #1 (55-45)

This year we are doing this whole thing a bit differently. Less text, more music. It's been a strange year, we did not have time to listen to even 0,1% (or even less?) of all the released goods, but that doesn't mean we don't have our favourites. We do and here they are.

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Araya – Acid Ambient 6 (Filter Dub Version)

The festive holiday season is upon us, and with it comes endless money-spending, gifts that no one will ever use, lack of snow, infinite amount of food, family and the thing that unites us all: music! So here is a useful present from us to you, an acid ambient track from Daniel Araya, which he created exclusively for Sounds Of A Tired City. This piece is part of the same series of tracks that he recently released on Kontra-Musik, but it's a special, slowed down and filtered version.

Blessed Initiative: The album for me is somewhere between pride and embarrassment

Yair Elazar Glotman does not need an introduction. However, his new project Blessed Initiative might. As a singular project, the self-titled 'Blessed Initiative' was released in November on Subtext Recordings. We spoke to Yair about this fascinating, dissonant trip he took with this new record and he also made a guest mix for us.

Franz Kirmann: Music has become playlist material, it completely changes the artistic value

Franz Kirmann​ mainly works with Denovali​ releasing music under his own name and with Piano Interrupted​. We spoke to him about the origins of his last album 'Elysian Park', how he got tired of his own music and how we’re constantly bombarded by music and how difficult filtering becomes these days. Franz is a great storyteller not just as a musician but also when it comes to speaking his mind.

Sounds Of A Tired City #60: Octo Octa

Brooklyn-based artist Maya Bouldry-Morrison has been releasing mainly house music as Octo Octa since 2011. We've been a fan of her ever since her first releases on 100% Silk. Maya's not only a fruitful and one of a kind producer but also a phenomenal DJ. This weekend you won't have to go out for some good vibes, since we've got an exclusive excerpt of the set she played a few weeks back at Housepitality in San Francisco. Groove on!

Havenaire: If I would’ve released Tremolo on my own I would’ve had a hard time reaching out

Havenaire is John Roger Olsson from Stockholm, Sweden. He's released his debut tape 'Tremolo' on Constellation Tatsu earlier this year – an album that would definitely need more attention. For this reason, we spoke to the Swedish musician about his new electronic project and we're also happy to premiere four videos that accompany four tracks from the album, made by Magnus Dahlbäck.

FORMA: We specifically asked for a rotting tomato with an eyeball

FORMA consist of improvisational synth explorers Mark Dwinell, John Also Bennett and George Bennett. The Brooklyn-based experimental group released two full-length records on Spectrum Spools (2011-2012). This year they found a new home on Kranky and in September they returned with their long-awaited third album 'Physicalist'. We spoke to the guys about the new record, their background and inspiration, side projects, rotting tomatoes and much more. They also made a mind-blowing guest mix that sure is going to take you to places you never expected to visit.

Watch/Read/Travel: Mira Calix

"My home and its surrounding fields means I’m pretty much the only person making a noise. I relish this, along with the clean air, sunshine and cheap and tasty farm shop produce. John Peel, a fellow adoptee of this lost county, famously said the only way to get him out of Suffolk would be in a box – a sentiment I can empathise with."

Molnbär av John: My own parallel universe where I can escape all this cruel darkness

Molnbär av John is the moniker of John Henriksson from Sweden who just released his debut full-length album 'The End' on the excellent flau label. Sounds from another era, melodies and textures from the cloudy horizon, organic and romantic experimental compositions, easy listening jazzy undertones. We spoke about early influences, creative friends, vintage dandy clothes, his own label Tona Serenad, the problematic Stockholm music scene and we've also got an exclusive Varg (Northern Electronics / Posh Isolation) remix to share with you.

Watch/Read/Travel: Rudi Arapahoe

"It's a beautiful book that moves deftly between philosophy, sharp clinical observation and poetry. It's here that Laing first posited the notion of False Selves. I first encountered The Divided Self as a Psychology undergraduate student. Shortly after I read it, my housemate developed schizophrenia; I decided not to pursue a career as a Psychologist."

Faitiche: Jan Jelinek

Faitiche is a German label launched by Jan Jelinek in 2008. This year is an excellent one for Faitiche as 'Schaum', Jan Jelinek's collaboration with Masayoshi Fujita was recently released and Andrew Pekler’s ‘Tristes Tropiques’ is planned to follow in the beginning of November. We spoke to Jan about the new releases, the history of Faitiche and all things label-related. He also made a guest mix featuring some delightful pieces from the Faitiche discography.

Watch/Read/Travel: Sophie Hutchings

"I love the contrasts going from pressing populated train stations to open beautiful deserts unfolding an eerie type of beauty, the unknown. Getting lost wandering down colourful alleyways. Feasting on earthy, spicy cuisine and the sweet steaming chai stands at every blink of an eye."

Denovali: Timo Alterauge

Denovali is an independent music label founded by Timo Alterauge and Thomas Hack in 2005. Not focusing on any specific genre, the Denovali roster varies from from ambient, electronica, experimental, drone to jazz, modern composition and sound art. Throughout the years they brought us fantastic artists like Bersarin Quartett, Birds of Passage, Saffronkeira, Ricardo Donoso, Petrels, Never Sol, Greg Haines, Field Rotation... and the list could go on! We had the chance to chat a bit with Timo about all things Denovali.

PREMIERE: Matt Robertson – False Sense

Does Matt Robertson's name ring a bell? How about Björk and The Cinematic Orchestra? He worked as a musical director for them. Did synth work for Emilíana Torrini and The Prodigy, orchestrations for Bat For Lashes, bass and engineering for Lamb. The versatile composer, synthesist and producer has a new album coming on 7th October entitled 'In Echelon' via Tape Club Records. We are premiering 'False Sense', one of the most delicate pieces from the album.

Robert Curgenven: Recording one note at a time – across 9 countries and 15 locations

Robert Curgenven is an Ireland-based Australian composer using sound as a physical field of perception. His work encourages the listeners to consider their physical experience of sound. For instance for his latest project 'Climata', which was released as an album on Dragon's Eye Recordings, he recorded what could be called the audible movement of the air – he made site-specific recordings across 9 countries in 15 of James Turrell’s Skyspaces, which resulted in an archive over 200 individual recordings. After completing this tremendous work, we thought it was time to talk to Robert about these mysterious Skyspaces and his experiences all over the world.

Rick Holland, Micro Fiction for Fis’ From Patterns to Details LP

Rick Holland is an English poet who has collaborated with the likes of Brian Eno for various albums and most recently Jon Hopkins for his 'Late Night Tales'. Rick was shook by the works of Fis, and wished to share his poems about the cinematic experience that lead his emotive visions. Fis' upcoming album 'From Patterns to Details' will be released 23rd September on Subtext. Rick Holland wrote one poem for each track featured on the LP. Read on and get yourself lost in the details.

Bourgeois Speedball: Red Threads

Now it's time for something different, something outside the box. A breathe of fresh air called Bourgeois Speedball, in its current form, consisting of Katsy Pline and Danny Lewis. It is one performance wing of the Field Recording Working Group, a group focused on listening to and recording soundscapes of struggle in the Bay Area. We are premiering their album 'Red Threads' in an unconventional way: we asked them to present the record themselves.

Sounds Of A Tired City #58: Monadh

Behind the mysterious Monadh moniker you can discover the Seattle-based zealous field recordist, Jake Muir. Jake is about having his first solo album 'Muara' released on Further Records (out on September 9), so there is no better timing to host his spellbinding guest mix.

Pierce Warnecke: Certain people have no idea I compose music

Pierce Warnecke has recently released his solo debut 'Memory Fragments' on Lawrence English's Room40, so we thought it was time to have a chat with this exciting upcoming artist. Luckily, he visited the EMS studios in Stockholm, so we had a chance to talk about his background, all his different ongoing projects and about feeling European as an American. Also, check out the mesmerising video for 'Remnants Remembered' from the album.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Marconi Union – Sleeper

Marconi Union are back with their ninth studio album 'Ghost Stations', which will be released 12th August on London-based Just Music. The masterful trio consisting of Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley and Duncan Meadows are not afraid at all to push their limits once again, and nothing demonstrates this better than 'Sleeper', which is the ten minutes long opening piece of the new album. We are premiering it together with its video to prove it!

Ben Lukas Boysen: To feel the connection between a musician and his instrument is such a wonderful and inimitable thing

Ben Lukas Boysen is back with a spellbinding new album on Erased Tapes Records. 'Spells' was released on the 10th of June and if there's such a thing as a good excuse to make another interview with the German wunderkind, this is definitely it. Also, we asked him to prepare his second mix for Sounds Of A Tired City – some things you just cannot get enough of.

Damaskin: Ode to Eliane Radigue

Really not much is known about Damaskin, the mysterious Belgium-based techno producer who's also known as Seraphim Rytm. He's extremely skilled in the world of harsh industrial techno, but he's not a stranger when it comes to creating ambient-leaning sounds either. He's been doing numerous self-releases but he's recently appeared on labels like Silent Season, Noiztank, New Body and New York Haunted, finally gaining some recognition. However, we think that he deserves to be even more in the spotlight! We chatted to him briefly and he also recorded a rather special live composition, which is an homage to our all-time favourite Eliane Radigue.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Liminal/Aires – Liminal/Aires

Even though it's Saturday, we have something special to introduce you to: the perfect soundtrack for your weekend thanks to Prague-based tape label and music community Genot Centre. Their next release is a limited split cassette by Liminal and Aires, simply entitled Liminal/Aires. The official date is 1st of August, but you can stream the whole album here ahead its release. What should you expect? Ephemeral, soothing ambience with a melancholic virtuosity.

Sounds Of A Tired City #55: Crypt Thing

If you thought certain electronic music producers were enigmatic, it's time you met Crypt Thing. He just released his debut EP 'Shodan' on South-East London label squareglass – a blue square 7" record, how awesome is that? We asked him to prepare a mix for Sounds Of A Tired City, which turned out to be just as eclectic, surreal and full of surprises as his music.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Siavash Amini & Matt Finney – Familial Rot

Tehran-based drone master Siavash Amini's name should not be unfamiliar for the readers of Sounds Of A Tired City. His debut album 'Till Human Voices Wake Us' was released on the excellent Mexican label Umor Rex in 2014 and now he returns to his roots again with a powerful collaboration with Matt Finney. 'Familial Rot' was mastered by Lawrence English and will be released on July 22nd. Luckily, you don't need to wait anymore, since we are so generous that you can stream the full work right here.

Sounds Of A Tired City #54: Arovane

Our next guest mix has been thoughtfully composed by none other than Uwe Zahn aka Arovane. The German virtuoso of ethereal melodies selected some delicate sounds that make up for a one hour journey through lush ambience. Atmospheric field recordings, soft piano pieces and even some gentle beats with (among others) Orla Wren, Marcus Fischer, Darren McClure, Porya Hatami and Arovane himself.

Watch/Read/Travel: Federico Durand

"I collect Christmas seals and charity stamps issued by orphanages and hospices. The most beautiful were made during the early 20th century. Denmark, Sweden and Finland made very eerie, fairy and rare items. We all know that we can travel very far while listening music. Something similar happens to me with my favorite charity seals – which reveal (and also hide) the misty world of childhood."

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sonae – I Know A Fish (Cétieu Remix)

Sonia Güttler aka Sonae released her debut album ‘Far Away Is Right Around The Corner’ on Monika Enterprise last year. 'Far Away... Remixed' was released on June 10th and it contains 4 special remixes of the original tracks accompanied by 4 music videos. We have the pleasure to introduce you to Cétieu's version of 'I Know A Fish', which comes together with Alisa Berger's experimental film collage.

Eric Holm: Diving in snow, ice, helmets… there was no way I wasn’t going to do that!

Eric Holm is back with his second album entitled 'Barotrauma', which was recorded in the Nordic fjords south of Oslo while he was training at the Norwegian School of Commercial diving. A totally different world, different means of recording and different experiences but somewhat of the same atmosphere as in 'Andøya' when it comes to the end results. We decided it was time to catch up with Eric again to talk about these otherworldly experiences and we are also proud to premiere a piece called 'Enceladus' from the upcoming album. 'Barotrauma' will be released on Subtext on 24th June.

Merrin Karras: The beauty of music is that it’s forever

Producing electronic music since 2002, Irish-born Berlin-based Brendan Gregoriy is more widely known for his distinctive house and techno productions as Chymera. This might change with his new alias Merrin Karras and his debut record on A Strangely Isolated Place, which is an astonishing journey to the deepest depths of ambient music. Inspired by musicians like Klaus Schulze, Biosphere or Abul Mogard, 'Apex' is a timeless homage to the early pioneers of music and a love letter to the synthesiser. We chatted about his early inspirations and were also curious to know some more about his new alias and the new album, which will be released on 29th July.

Sounds Of A Tired City #53: Erinome

There is no better way to dive into a new month than with Erinome's excellent selection and perfect blend of power electronics and ambient. Erinome is Aaron Ross Hansen, a multi-instrumental sound artist and composer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. In this mix he explores the relationship between electronic and acoustic tones, organic and industrial textures.

Spheruleus: making music available, without worrying about what will ‘sell’

Spheruleus is UK-based artist Harry Towell. His work has been released on various labels such as Under The Spire, Hibernate, Home Normal, Eilean Rec. and Time Released Sound. He also runs the Audio Gourmet netlabel (which also used to be a blog once upon a time), Tessellate Recordings and recently launched the highly promising whitelabrecs. Sometimes he still blogs over at Irregular Crates. We have no idea how come he had some time to prepare a rather special vinyl-only ambient mix for Sounds Of A Tired City, but let him tell us what he's been up to these days.

Degenerate Art

Today we welcome a new column on Sounds Of A Tired City: Subjective Streets. Here is the first guest piece by Raphael Shklarek. "I recently read an article posted on Femmecult entitled “Fascism in Ambient Music” by Evelyn Malinowski. Immediately I was irritated and intrigued, since I am both a big lover of ambient music and a big opponent of fascism. As the article unfolded I was more and more astonished at the bigotry it was based on. What you are about to read in this commentary is my personal opinion on the issues that the original essay tackles, namely industrial, ambient and techno music and its relationship towards fascist, brutalist aesthetics. It will further open up the discussion to the role and position of music and art in general."

Sounds Of A Tired City #51: Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins

Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins are a trio based in Amsterdam, Berlin and Karlsruhe. For the sake of independence they live the modern day musicians' life: working on something they like during the week and writing music, developing tools and finishing records at night, in the weekends and during vacations in small houses with no internet. They most probably composed this mix for us during the night, which is a pleasant journey through techno and ambient, blending soft synth melodies with experimental twists. Enjoy this selection with Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi and Alessandro Cortini.

Pär Grindvik: I never sleep and always work

Pär Grindvik has been a central figure in the Swedish electronic music scene since the 90's, he has released music on numerous electronic labels. In 2002 he founded Stockholm LTD, which started out as an outlet for timeless electronic music and has since developed into a trademark for quality electronic music from a wide range of international artists. Even though he has released dozens of EPs and played in the best clubs in the world, the time for a full-length release has come just now. 'Isle of Real' will be released on Stockholm LTD on May 24. We had the pleasure of chatting to Pär about the Swedish music scene back in the days, his new album and his collaboration with Peder Mannerfelt, who's one of the most exciting characters in Swedish electronic music these days. We even asked Peder to tell us how studio life looks like with Pär.


Future Twin are a San Francisco-based creative, fresh and energetic shoegaze duo. They are just about to release their new single entitled 'Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?' on WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring), so we thought it was time for you to meet them. We chatted to Jeanie to find out more about how they started out, what they do, life in San Francisco and their future plans! We can ensure you, it's a highly interesting read. Also, we are happy to premiere 'Are You Rested (Enough Yet)?' on Sounds Of A Tired City, make sure you check it out while you're putting on your reading glasses.

PREMIERE: Outblinker – Walter Peck

You must be familiar with that feeling when your favourite musician/artist is physically not able to produce enough tracks to keep you satisfied but you cannot help yourself to want more and more, as soon as possible. We found ourselves in this situation after Blanck Mass' last album 'Dumb Flesh', and nothing could fill the void until we discovered the Glasgow-based Outblinker.

Finn of Tomland: Happy 2 Years of Sounds Of A Tired City

We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with an epic 2,5 hours long mix made by our friend and one of our favourite DJs, Finn of Tomland. If you haven't heard about him before, it's time you get introduced... because if someone knows how to make an exquisite selection and build up a set in a way you wish it would never end... well, that's Finn!

Sounds Of A Tired City #49: holymachines

Let's slide smoothly into this new week with a delicate mix by Berlin-based musician and sound artist holymachines (Chris Hill). What should you expect? How about Arve Henriksen, Fennesz, Karen Gwyer, John Cage, Autechre and Lorenzo Senni...? Say no more!

Gidge: We probably have ourselves to blame for not being more well-known in Sweden

Gidge are Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson, an electronic duo from Umeå, Sweden. After their debut record 'Autumn Bells' on Atomnation they just released their second LP 'Lulin'. However, this is not just a record: it’s a collaboration between Gidge, the Lampray film production company and NORR arts platform. They wanted to break the traditional pattern of creating a music video for the pieces, therefore they treated the visuals as individual entity, which are separated from the music, yet strongly connected. We spoke to Ludvig and Jonatan about Gidge, Umeå and 'Lulin', Read, watch and listen!

PREMIERE: Gainstage – Elevated Noise [Portals Editions]

Portals Editions are a relatively new Berlin-based collective of sound artists consisting of Shaddah Tuum, Ketev, Circular Ruins, Gainstage, Noumeno, Consulate etc. They are focusing on intense industrial sounds, heavy-doomy noise and everything else you can imagine inbetween... and their tracks got some remix treatment by Orphan Swords, Cut Hands, Kerridge and Dadub! They have six releases in their quickly expanding catalogue so far, and we have the pleasure to premiere their seventh − you can listen to Gainstage's 'Elevated Noise' in full-length on Sounds Of A Tired City.

INTONAL Experimental Music Festival 2016 – Interview with Ulf Eriksson

In case you missed it last year, we are going to introduce a festival that for some reason didn't make it to the hyped 'festivals you should attend in April' lists. However, you really should! Showcasing a wide range of experimental music from abstract sound experiments to new and inspiring electronic dance music, Intonal is the perfect place for festivalgoers who prefer an intense but also a more intimate sound experience. You must be wondering about the line-up... how about Morton Subotnick, James Holden, Stephen O'Malley, TM404, Peder Mannerfelt, LCC, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Thomas Ankersmit just to name a few?